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Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

In addition to strong academic programs, the Davenport Community Schools features an amazing array of extracurricular activities designed to help students build skills, relationships and positive self esteem. Offered at every level and in all of our buildings, these activities range from intramural and organized conference sports to a variety of special interest clubs and outlets for creative expression. Organized, monitored and supervised by trained staff and volunteers – along with plenty of student input – these various programs create increased opportunities for students to learn about themselves and the world around them. Many also provide volunteer and community service opportunities. More information on a number of these activities can be found on our individual school websites or by calling the schools directly. School district boundary residents aged 62 and older who are interested in certain home athletic events can take advantage of our Senior Citizen Activity Pass.


Recycling at Brady Stadium

The DCSD Athletic Department has partnered with the Waste Commission of Scott County to begin recycling at Brady Stadium!  Beginning with the first contest of the spring season, recycling containers will be available so that we can reduce the amount of plastic that is a part of our waste stream.  Thank you to the Waste Commission for providing the containers, bags, and education!


Backpacks/Bags at DCSD Events

In an effort to provide the safest environment possible for our student-athletes and fans, backpacks and bags will no longer be permitted at DCSD events.  Effective August 1, 2016, non-athletes in attendance at our events will no longer be allowed to bring backpacks, book bags, duffle bags, string bags, or oversize purses into our venues.  This expectation is in line with several other schools in the Mississippi Athletic Conference, along with most institutions/teams at the collegiate and professional level.

For additional information, please click here:  DCSD Backpack Rule

Approved Items    

Clear plastic bags

Regular-sized handbags or purses

Camera case

Medical accessories

Diaper bags

Prohibited Items


Duffle bags

String bags

Bags larger than a handbag or purse



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Important Information and Forms


Athletic Eligibility Requirements

High School
Any Davenport Community School District student participating in a program sanctioned by the Iowa High School Athletic Association or the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union will need to meet the requirements stipulated in the Iowa Code 281-36.15 under 36.15(2) Scholarship Rules.

The Superintendent has the authority to act on behalf of the Board on all matters affecting athletic eligibility of students in those cases to which the Iowa Department of Education regulations require approval by the Board and/or Superintendent.

A student in grades 9-12 whose transfer of schools had occurred due to a request for open enrollment by the student’s parents or guardian is ineligible to compete during the first 90 days of transfer. Exception – A student may participate immediately if the student is entering the 9th grade and did not play in any sport for a school following their 8th grade year.

More DCSD eligibility information can be obtained HERE.

To view information related to academic eligibility for intermediate school athletics, click here: 2016 – 2017 Academic Eligibility for Intermediate School Athletics

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