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  • North High School
    Principal: Jay Chelf
    626 West 53rd Street
    Davenport, IA 52806
    Phone: (563) 723-5500
    Fax:  (563) 445-5953
  • National Testing



    ACT:  Most colleges will require an ACT score upon application for admission.  ACT is a curriculum-based test that measures skill in English, math, reading and science.  There is an optional writing assessment that students may wish to take.  Test preparation booklets and “how to sign up for the ACT tests” flyers are available in the guidance office.   Registration and test dates are on line at

    ACT Test Dates for 2016-2017


    Test Date Registration Deadline Late Fee Required
     October 28, 2017  September 22, 2017 Sept 23 – Oct 6
    December 9, 2017  November 3, 2017  Nov 4 – Nov 17
     February 10, 2018 January 12, 2018  Jan 13 – Jan 19
     April 14, 2018  March 9, 2018 Mar 10 – Mar 23
    June 9, 2018  May 4, 2018  May 5 – May 18
     July 14, 2018  June 15, 2018 June 16 – June 22


    SAT: Some colleges require a SAT score for admittance.  The SAT I test measures verbal and math reasoning that develop over time.  SATII subject tests measure knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge.  Students may register on-line at

    PSAT Test

    The PSAT Test lets you:

    • Prepare for taking the SAT test
    • Assess your skills in three academic areas: verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning and writing
    • Enter scholarship and recognition programs
    • Receive information from Colleges through Student Search Service.
    • Compare your academic skills with those of other students who are considering college


    AP Tests:  AP tests are available to students who have completed an AP course of study.  These tests are given on the national testing dates in May and are administered by DSCD counselors and staff.