l Graduation Requirements | North High School
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  • North High School
    Principal: Jay Chelf
    626 West 53rd Street
    Davenport, IA 52806
    Phone: (563) 723-5500
    Fax:  (563) 445-5953
  • Graduation Requirements

    Davenport Community Schools requires 26 units of credit, in the following educational courses, to graduate from high school. Each course is given .5 units of credit. The DCSD course guide book is available on the DCSD website (www.davenportschools.org) to view a description of course selections.

    Language Arts                4 units of credit or 8 term courses
    Mathematics  3 units of credit or 6 term courses
    Science    3 units of credit or 6 term courses (ESS, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Required)
    Social Studies                  3 units of credit or 6 term courses
    Technology  .5 unit or 1 term course
    Physical Education 2 units of credit or 4 term courses (1 class each school year)
    Electives   10.5 units or 21 term courses