l Physical Education Overview | North High School
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    Principal: Jay Chelf
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  • Physical Education Overview

     Participation Expectations: 

    Students will be graded on a 10 point scale every day.

    3 Pts– Dressing out (Partial Dress will result in loss of 2 points)

    What constitutes dressing out?

    Dress Code:

    – Footwear: Tennis Shoes or sneakers. No boots, dress shoes, heels, flats, flip-flops, sandals, stocking feet, or wearing only socks.

    – Bottoms: Shorts, sweatpants/slick pants, or capris. No jeans, dress pants or slacks, skirts, or dresses will be allowed.

    – Tops: Blue PE shirt or Blue North activity shirt.


    7 Pts – Combination of participation and behavior graded throughout the period.

    – Students must fully participate in warm-ups and assigned activities to the best of their ability, if they refuse they will be sent out and receive a 0 for the day.

    – Students who do not dress out, may participate in the activity for the day. The highest grade they can recieve is 7/10 for the day.

    – They are allowed 1 “Free Referral Day” for each grading period. They will be given a “0” but will be allowed to

    stay with the class.

    – Every subsequent time after that they choose to Not Participate, they will be sent out of class with a referral. They will be have 1 week to make up the grade for 1/2 credit.

    *If lifting during on a game day, you will still be expected to lift, we will cut down the reps and weight by 50%.

    *If injured and have a Dr’s note, you will be excused for the day from lifting but have to write a ½ page paper about something to do with sports to get credit.

    Regardless of the situation, if a student is not in class for the day, they must make up the points.

    P.E. make-ups are done during SMART Block in which the students can walk 18 laps in the large gym for credit.