l 3rd Term To Be Closed Out on Friday, April 17th | North High School
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  • 3rd Term To Be Closed Out on Friday, April 17th

    Due to the length of the school closure as a result of Covid-19, the district has decided that all 3rd quarter grades for 9th through 12th graders will be marked as Pass or Incomplete.

    In order to receive a Pass grade from their teacher the students must have at least 60% proficient  on their work assigned before March 13. If a student was not at 60% before break, students may reach out to their teacher to formulate a plan to complete missing work which could improve their Incomplete grade now or when they return to school when schools reopen. Incomplete grades will become a Failing grade 2 weeks after schools reopen if the work completed doesn’t equal greater than 60%  proficient. We have been assured at the state level that this adjustment to grading will not impact students’ future education plans.

    Grades will be posted by the end of the day Friday, April 17th.

    Any questions can be directed to your building principal or classroom teacher.