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  • North High School
    Principal: Jay Chelf
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  • Honors English Focuses on Social Status and Personality Misconceptions

    Throughout Mrs. Ward’s Honors English I class, students talked a lot about character development, character interactions, and personal stereotyping. Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” is one example of how social class can reflect misinterpretations we have about people. The students observed that in this novel, social class played an enormous role in what people thought of each other and how they treated one another. The “I Am” Wall allowed students to discuss other ways people are judged and misunderstood—in addition to social class.  It took a lot of bravery to discuss misconceptions that others have had about us. The purpose of the wall is to eliminate stereotypes and appreciate the differences in others. As the wall stretched, students started to realize that several of the words on the wall applied to themselves as well. It became apparent that we are all much more alike than we ever realized, regardless of what appears on the surface.