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  • North High School
    Principal: Jay Chelf
    626 West 53rd Street
    Davenport, IA 52806
    Phone: (563) 723-5500
    Fax:  (563) 445-5953
  • North Show Choirs

    Congratulations, to everyone involved with Center Stage and Northside Establishment! They finished their 2016 Competition season with absolutely great performances. CStage finished 2nd place in the Prep Division and actually had two of the three judges in 1st place! Their show just kept getting better all year! Way to go CStage!!!

    Northside Establishment ended their year with finishing 1st in the Open Division and had their absolute best performance of the year in finals. They won Best Band, Best Vocals and claimed their 9th consecutive Grand Champion title at the contest. Pierre Young had his second, Best Male Soloist award as well.

    These kids did an outstanding job getting better all year and were great ambassadors for North High School! Way to go Wildcats!