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Mickey Sloat, Alumna of Central High School:


Daniel Sheridan, Alumnus of West High School:


Brooke Garnica, Alumna of West High School:


Jennifer Weyeneth, Parent of Four Davenport Community Schools Students:



Leslie Klipsch and family

Leslie Klipsch, Parent of Three Davenport Community Schools Students:

My children are being prepared for a successful and richly beautiful life of curiosity, openness, and life-long learning in part because of their schooling in the Davenport Community Schools. Their classrooms have been led by caring and competent teachers and a student body that reflects the real world. They have benefited from getting… READ MORE




Jason Mott, West High Graduate


Jason Mott, Graduate of West High School:

I attended Davenport West, and I appreciated how amazing all of my teachers were. I ended up going into education myself, and am currently teaching high school band and orchestra in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. I had a great education with the band directors at West during my time. Mr. Tom Wood started me off on my music journey at West, and is… READ MORE



Matt Schwind, realtor and parentMatt Schwind, Parent of Two Davenport Community Schools Students:

My wife and I could have chosen to live in any school district or send our children to any private school. We made the conscious decision to be involved in the Davenport Schools from K-12 for the benefit of both our son and our daughter. Our daughter excelled in all subjects including a love for math and science; achieving a 3.9 (out of 4) GPA in high school. She was activeREAD MORE




Luke Eure, Central High Alumnus


Luke Eure, Graduate of Central High School:

I can’t imagine a better resource for high school students than Mrs. Heninger’s TAG program. In classes and extra-curricular clubs, she pushes her students to find inspiration in people, ideas, and themselves. She showed us videos and readings that introduced us to topics like education reform, spoken-word poetry, and the Enigma Code. Her passion… READ MORE