l Mission and Diversity Statements | Mid City High School
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  • Mid City High School
    Principal: Jenni Weipert
    3801 Marquette Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52806
    Phone:  1-563-336-7600
    Fax:  1-563-445-5955

  • Mission and Diversity Statements


    We take ownership in the creation of a safe and accepting building climate that challenges and inspires all students to become passionate and purposeful citizens.


    Mid City High is the preeminent choice high school in Iowa. We provide an alternative to the traditional model of education. Our success is due to factors such as small class sizes, small overall school population, additional support staff, 21st century building design, and high technology integration. Our individualized programming and instruction meet the needs of all students and is particularly successful for students who have struggled with multiple risk factors. Our positive relationships with students and families, paired with our social, emotional, and academic focus, lead to student success. We teach with excellence. We are relentless in our pursuit to help all students overcome every obstacle to reach their potential. Our students leave us with a renewed hope and vision for their lives. They leave us with options that empower them to continue to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

    Staff Collective Commitments

    •  We will remain current in our areas of expertise.
    • We will develop and implement curriculum and research-based instructional strategies which will promote active involvement of students and provide for their varied experiences as well as their individual abilities and talent.
    • We will assist in opening doors to new experiences and careers by weaving life skills  into our lessons.
    • We will teach critical thinking, self-advocacy and a passion for lifelong learning.
    • We will create a school environment in which students feel safe taking academic risks.
    • We will be inclusive of all people at Mid City and will proudly be unique individuals who pursue our passions.
    • We will provide a stable, safe, and challenging environment that promotes each student’s ability to learn.
    • We will model positive peer relationships with integrity, honesty, empathy and respect.
    • We will collaborate as a school to model professional working relationships and acceptance.
    •  We will develop positive, professional relationships with our students and their families.

    Student Collective Commitments

    • We will be proactive in coming in for extra help.
    • We will care about our education and not settle for just achieving “average” or just barely passing.
    • We will go to class and make an effort.
    • We will not disrupt class by our actions or behaviors.
    • We will not allow others to disrupt class.
    • We will not be judgemental or bully others.
    • We will be respectful to teachers, staff and students (everyone).
    • We will be motivated to partake in school related activities.
    • We will keep our personal life outside of school and not partake in drama.
    • We will be helpful in encouraging others to achieve their goals.

    Parent Collective Commitments

    • We will support our our child to ensure that they are at school everyday.
    • We will use parent portal on a consistent basis to check our child’s grades, attendance, and behavior.
    • We will create a healthy, safe, and supportive environment to help our child to learn and grow.
    • We will make ourselves available to our child and the staff at Mid City.
    • We will be proud of our child’s individualism.
    • We will teach our child the responsibility of being accountable.
    • We will be active communicators.
    • We will encourage hard work and a positive attitude.
    • We will spend time with our child.
    • We will support the Mid City staff however we can.