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  • News, Events, and Announcements

    Mid City hosts Its First School Dance

    Collaboration between United Way of the Quad Cities and Mid City High School

    Mid City High School and United Way have teamed up to offer teen parents the Born Learning Academy. A child’s growth intellectually, socially, and emotionally in the first six years of life is crucial and the Academy assists teen parents in aiding their child’s developmental progress.



    IYC students went to the Capital to lobby for support

    Students from Mid City’s Iowa Youth Congress attended a “Day of Advocacy” at the State Capitol in Des Moines. While there, they rallied for support of the Mental Health Training program by meeting with more than 20 State Legislators and Lobbyists. Mid City IYC students are optimistic that their bill is on its way to committee and eventual debate on the House and Senate floors.


    Mid City’s Mid-Year Graduates

    The evening of January 11, 2018, twenty-two of our astounding students graduated from high school.  We are very proud of their accomplishments and wish them all the best!  Mid City Choir students performed two songs at the graduation ceremony. Go Mavericks!    


    Skilled Woods Student

    Mr. Schellenberg, December Teacher of the Month, is an outstanding Woods Instructor.  Tony Sird is a highly skilled Wood’s student.  Check out the table Tony made!

    Promises made, promises kept

    Mrs. Goddard has known Tra’Corey since he was in 6th grade. She placed two plants in her room and told him she would give them to him on his graduation day. He has cared for the plants for past two years.  Tra’Corey graduates tonight and received his two plants for a job well done! 

    Men of Integrity and Inspiring Youth Teen Forum

    Mid City High School’s “Men of Integrity” group in collaboration with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated’s local chapter hosted their first Teen Forum on Healthy and Positive Teen Relationships. Jovien Smith was the local teen poet that was featured.  The topics of focus were on what a woman expects when it comes to patience, respect, commitment, and trust. 

    Third Quarter Finals Schedule

    First Quarter Awards Ceremony

    Mid City held its first quarter awards ceremony and had a record number of students for outstanding attendance, perfect attendance and academic achievements!  Way to go Mavericks!


    iJAG students visit John Deere Harvester

    Mid City iJAG students took an interactive tour of John Deere Harvester. They learned about the various jobs in manufacturing and the importance of skilled trade careers. They also sat down with a panel of workers and had a “Q and A” session with them. They ended the tour with a delicious lunch provided by the folks of John Deere!


    Mid City High School hosts Forum

    Iowa Youth Congress members Morgan Kurtz, Maddy Pineo and Cameron Head, and their advisors Josh Thomas and Dave Thede, held a round table discussion with Iowa Governor candidate Andrea McGuire.  McGuire was joined by members of the Iowa Democratic Black Caucus. Topics discussed included funding equalization and Mental Health Training for school staff. Click on the link below to see video coverage of this event by  

    Woods Class

    Jovian Smith made this beautiful chest in the Woods class he has with Mr. Schellenberg. Great job Jovian!

    Talented Advanced Woods Student Featured:

    Advanced Woodworking student Tony Sird created this beautiful jewelry box. Way go to Tony! Maverick proud!

    Mid City Donation Location web site

    Mid City High School has a new web site that serves two purposes.  The first purpose is for our families that may need support or assistance – when families visit the website, they can click on the link “Need Support Click Here.”  The second purpose is for individuals that would like to make a donation to help fill a need or to volunteer their time – there is a link in the top right corner for those who would like to give.  

    Click the image below to go to our new Donation Location web site.  

    MCHS IYC Students attend Ice Cream Social

    On Wednesday night, three members of the Mid City Iowa Youth Congress attended the District Ice Cream Social and met with School Board members, Dr. Tate, and State Senators Roby Smith and Mark Lofgren as well as State Representative Monica Kourth. The discussion centered around school funding and their bill for Mandatory Mental Health Awareness training for all school employees. They participated in round table discussions on these issues and tried to gather the Legislative support that they will need to pass their bill. Students attending were Cameron Head, Jade Arnold and Deborah Johnson.

    Talented Photography Student at MCHS

    Alexys Williams is currently enrolled in Ms. Lewis’s Photography class and shared these photos that she took while at Vanderveer Park. Guess who has a great future as a photographer? Way to go Alexys! Maverick Pride!

    Mid City Students join Alicia Keys Positive Movement

    Alicia Keys wrote a song in the wake of all the tragedy in the world right now. She challenged people to hold up a sign telling why they are here. Staff and students took this challenge to show the world their positive messages of what their purpose is while here at Mid City and here on earth.


    Notice Of Upcoming Student Behavioral Health Survey:

    Between October 9 and November 17, 2017, your child/children will be invited to join their 6th – 12th grade classmates in completing the Student Behavioral Health survey. Participation in the survey is anonymous and strictly voluntary, and no student is required to fill out the survey. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

    The purpose of the survey is to collect information about youth in your district, so we can better understand their experiences, opinions, and knowledge in three areas: (1) Adult-Student Relationships, (2) Bullying, and (3) Knowledge of Mental Health Issues. The information collected will help the district plan and implement strategies for strengthening adult-student relationships, preventing and addressing bullying, and educating youth about mental health issues.

    A letter will be sent out via eblast detailing this survey. Please read this letter and let us know if you DO NOT want your child to take part. If you DO NOT want your child to take part please sign and return the letter. Feel free to call the school for more details.

    Robtics and Engineering Field Trip

    Ten students from Mr. Thede’s Robotics and Engineering class at Mid City HS visited Genesis Robotic Systems to learn about how robots are developed and integrated into a manufacturing setting. They also learned what education and skills are required to work in this field.

    Design Team

    Tony designed a shelf for Ms. Weigel’s room and had Trevor help him hang it up for her. Go Mavericks!

    Infant CPR and First Aid

    Michelle with Genesis Health Group showed the teen moms how to do Infant CPR, First Aid & answered their questions related to the health and welfare of their child.

    Men of Integrity Group Meeting

    Mr. Parks’ “Men of Integrity” group met today and had Brandon, a Davenport native,as their guest speaker. 


    Jovian Smith reads poem he wrote at Grandparent’s Tea

    Jovian Smith read a heartfelt poem he wrote in memory of his grandfather at the Zeta Phi Beta and Rock Island Academy Grandparent’s Tea held on September 17th at the Martin Luther King Center in Rock Island.


    Mid City offers Free Tutoring to their students after school:


    Did you know that Mid City offers free after school tutoring!

    It starts today. Here is the schedule:

    MATH HELP: Tuesdays from 3:15-4:15. Students just need to show up to Ms. Kormann or Ms. Mastalio’s room after school.

    COMPUTER APPLICATIONS HELP: Tuesdays from 3:15-4:15. Students just need to show up to the APEX computer lab after school (room 203).

    SCIENCE HELP: Thursdays from 3:15-4:15. Students just need to show up to Ms. Hughes’ room after school.

    LANGUAGE ARTS HELP: Thursdays from 3:15-4:15. Students just need to show up to Ms. Weigel’s room after school .

    SOCIAL STUDIES HELP: Mondays from 3:15-4:15. Students just need to show up to Mr. Thomas’ room after school.
    This is an awesome opportunity to get the extra help you need.

    AND IT’S FREE!!! Feel free to call and ask for Jamie if you have questions. You don’t need to have these specific teachers to take part in these help periods.

    WQPT presents to Teen Mom Advisory class:

    Thank you Michael Carton of WQPT for presenting resources (website, apps and TV shows) for our Teen Moms and for the free books for our baby Mavericks! They enjoyed the rich conversation about single parent challenges, various ages and stages children go through, and sharing stories with one another.

    Preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse:

    Students Kaleb Payne, Tyler Roberson and Brianne Sinclair constructed a tarp shelter as part of their Product Development class in which they are learning “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.” This is the second attempt at shelter making after discovering the day before that aluminum rods and really hard ground do not make an effective shelter building combination. Once Bridge Spikes were substituted for the aluminum stakes, the total time to construct the shelter was less than 10 minutes.


    MCHS Assembly

    What a great way to kick-off the new school year!  MCHS had a General Assemby and 2017 Fourth Quarter Grades and Attendance Assembly.  Go Mavericks!!

    Summer Graphic Design Apprenticeship Program

    Breyden Stenger graduated this past May 2017.  Prior to the end of the school year he prepared his portfolio, interviewed and was hired for a Graphic Design summer apprenticeship position with the Metro Arts Youth Apprenticeship program. Breydon helped created public art for the community.

    MC graduate will be attending Kirkwood Community College

    Graduation is only the beginning! Keshuna Miller, who graduated in May 2017 , stopped by Mid City High School on her way out of town. She is off to college! Keshuna will be attending Kirkwood Community College.