l Schedule for November 25th-27th | Mid City High School
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  • Mid City High School
    Principal: Jenni Weipert
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    Davenport, Iowa 52806
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  • Schedule for November 25th-27th

    Hello Mavericks,

    Our schedule will remain the same as the virtual schedule as listed below, with some minor changes. On Wednesday November 25th, students will be attending their virtual sessions with teachers as normal, but teachers will not have office hours on this day. The 26th and 27th are both off due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Please get any questions you may have to your teachers before the 1 PM on Wednesday to have them addressed before the holiday break. Thanks for all the hard work you are all putting in Mavericks during this crazy schedule change, and feel free to contact your teachers and administrators with any questions you may have.