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  • Mid City High School
    Principal: Dr. Jake Klipsch
    3801 Marquette Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52806
    Phone:  1-563-336-7600
    Fax:  1-563-391-0357

  • News, Events, and Announcements


    Mid City students and staff are excited about the new Apex lab! This lab is spacious and a comfortable work environment for students who need to get caught up, ahead, or extra help. Reengaged students also can take advantage of the flexibility of our online learning atmosphere.

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    Blood Drive

    iJAG is sponsoring a blood drive at Mid City High School today!  What a beautiful day for it!


    Spirit Day!

    Spirit Day at Mid City High School was great fun!

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    Environment Club News

    Students in environment club hatched caterpillars they found on their collards and a predator insect.


    Teen Mom’s meet during Advisory

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    Teen Mom’s meet during Advisory each week and enjoy activities that include their children.