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  • Mid City High School
    Principal: Dr. Jake Klipsch
    3801 Marquette Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52806
    Phone:  1-563-336-7600
    Fax:  1-563-391-0357

  • News, Events, and Announcements

    MCHS students are lunch buddies at Filmore Elementary School

    Once a week, our Service Learning & iJAG students go to Filmore Elementary School to mentor their “lunch buddies.”

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    Puzzle Master

    Andrew is our Puzzle Master! I believe this was his 16th one — amazing how fast he completes them!

    andrew puzzle master

    Teen Mom’s make baby blankets

    Teen mom Tatiana finished making a baby blanket with her sister Tiara’s help.

    tatiana tiara

    Iowa Youth Congress Lobby Day

    Students from Mid City High School participated in the Iowa Youth Congress Lobby Day in Des Moines.  Their role was as representatives for the District as they try to get support for their bill and prepare a presentation to share with other High Schools to recruit members. The bill that Mid City student representatives were trying to get through was on Hands Free Cell Phone Use while driving.  The students bill was presented as a companion bill after the two sponsors for the bill got together and compromised on the exact details.  Both sponsors believe they have an 80% chance or greater of getting the bills through both houses. Once both houses approve, it goes to the Governor to be signed.

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    Awards Ceremony

    On Friday, November 6, 2015, Mid City Principal, Dr. Jake Klipsch and Associate Principal, Cory Williams, were joined by staff to honor and recognize students for their academic achievements for 2nd Quarter.  Students who received grades with a “B” average received 2nd Honors, students with all “A’s” and “B’s” received 1st honors, while students with all “A’s” received Academic Excellence.  Great job Mavericks!


    Foods Class bakes cakes for Valentine’s Day

    IMG_0759 IMG_0760

    Teen Mom’s Lunch Activity

    Teen Mom’s make baby blankets during the Teen Mom Brown Bag lunch held every –other Wednesday during both A and B lunches.  Several teen Mom’s brought their friends to help them out.

    Maggie and Abbie

    MCHS Conferences

    Mid City High School Conferences will take place on Wednesday, February 11th from 3:30pm – 6:30pm.

    Recycling Efforts at MCHS led by students

    iJAG and Service Learning students began a brand new recycling program at Mid City High School. Paper, cans and plastic bottles will be part of the recycling program.  iJAG and Service Learning students visited all of the classrooms to explain where the receptacles will be housed on each floor and what items are acceptable for recycling.  All receptacles are emptied and recycled on a weekly basis.

    recycle 2 recycle 4