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    Student of the Month:

    Apryl Grass was voted by teachers and staff as the Student of the Month at Mid City High School.  Students were nominated based on attendance, effort, character, and being an overall great person.  As a reward Apryl got to invite a friend out to lunch with the principal.  Apryl chose her friend Danyell DeToye, who also got straight A’s the first quarter.  The two students insisted that one of their favorite teachers, Ms. Hendriks, also attend.  Congratulations to these wonderful students and all the students who were nominated.  It was a difficult decision to choose just one student!


    MCHS Well Represented at Disctrict Showcase of Learning

    The DCSD Showcase of Learning is a district event intended to spread the good news about all the great things going on in the Davenport Schools.  Mid City High School was well represented.  In attendance were Ms. Charvet, Mr. Thede, Ms. Tabor, Ms. Pacha, and Dr. Klipsch. Our buddy benches, Rockets, Anime classes, CSI Class and Iowa Youth Congress were all represented at different booths.

    Students representing MCHS include the following:

    Izzy Parker-Tatum, Austin Winters, Alex Bribriesco, Lacey Tucker, Ana Sandler, Chance Turkle, and Danielle DeToye.  Katelyn Schmidt was highlighted in a video in which she shared that Mrs. Meyers’ Forensic class inspired her to a look into a career path to pursue criminology in college.

    showcase2DSCI1909  20141028_192109_resized_1

    iJAG students attend Leadership Development Conference

    Mid City  iJAG students participated in the iJAG Leadership Development Conference on 10/14/14 at Freedom Hall—Camp Dodge in Johnston, IA. The Conference was made up of 37 different iJAG programs across Iowa and Illinois.



     Pictured: Lydia Warren, Nick Jones and Ronnie Schutte

    Mrs. Kormann’s Math Class Pilot’s ALEKS

    Mrs. Kormann is piloting a new online math software program called ALEKS with her students in the Computer Based Algebra course. ALEKS is a ground-breaking technology developed from research at New York University and the University of California, Irvine, by a team of software engineers, mathematicians, and cognitive scientists with the support of a multi-million-dollar grant from the National Science Foundation. At the heart of ALEKS is an artificial intelligence engine that assesses each student individually and continuously.  ALEKS stands for: Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. ALEKS also provides the advantages of one-on-one instruction, 24/7, from virtually any web-based computer.  According to student Courtney Jones, “I feel that ALEKS helps you thoroughly understand every aspect of math. It reviews subjects with you and helps as if it is an actual teacher itself.” Please visit for more information.

    Aleks2 ALEKS1

    Forensics class: Blood Splatter!

    Although it looked like Mid City High School was under a HAZMAT warning, it was only Ms. Meyers’ CSI class.  On Thursday, October 9, Ms. Meyers and her students took a mini field trip outside to prepare blood spatter samples.  Using a variety of techniques utilized by real-life forensic scientists, students were able to simulate high velocity, large volume and cast off spatter. These samples will be used during future labs to determine angle of impact, point of origin and type of spatter.  And the blood?  A super-secret recipe concocted by Ms. Meyers in the privacy of her own kitchen.  O.k, o.k.…it’s just corn syrup, coffee, Hershey’s cocoa, corn starch and food coloring.

    Students shown in pictures:  Vince Oswalt, Gabe Sims, Aleecia Blasdell, Scott Boyer, Rikki Pandori, Lameishia Moore, Billie Stanger, Victor Rodriguez, Trey Canaday, Trea Ingle, Deontye Lewis and Michelle McCrady.

    Forensics1 Forensics3 Forensics7

    Iowa Youth Council Attends General Assembly in Des Moines:

    Students from Mid City High School represented Davenport Community School District at the 9th annual General Assembly of the Iowa Youth Congress. They were accompanied on this three day event by  Iowa Youth Congress sponsors Mr. Thede and Mr. Shepherd, and school principal Dr. Klipsch was able to come up for the committee meetings and floor debate on Friday. They argued their bills on Just Compensation and Foreign Language for Elementary Students in committee. Jazmine Holbrook was able to get her bill on Just Compensation through committee and on to floor debate. During floor debate she defended her bill as the floor manager during the 20 minute debate on the bill.  The three bills that they will be lobbying in January are Yes Means Yes, Hands Free while Driving and Police Body Camera Bills. We are extremely proud of the participation of these students in the Iowa Youth Congress.

    The following students attended as representatives of Mid City IYC:  Jazmine Holbrook, Izzy Parker-Tatum, Gabe Simms, Scott Boyer, Christian Hann, Austin Winters, Anna Stadler, and Alex Bribriesco.

    desmoines1 Desmoines2


    iJAG students visit Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology:

    Interested Mid City iJAG students Falyn Martin, Markee Lewis, Beth Houghton, & Alia Tyler had the opportunity to visit and tour Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology on October 9, 2014.

    iJagPaulMitchell3 iJagPaulMitchell2

    MCHS Staff and Students go LARPING:

    Larping is a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props. It’s a great way to socialize and have fun with friends while meeting new people. It’s a game of mental and physical toughness with head to head combat as well as many intense battles. A few Mid City High School students often larp on weekends with team “Grimshadow” and invited staff to participate on October 11, 2014. Mid City staff had an AWESOME time and were surprised at how intense and physical the games were.

    Larping2 Larping4

    Mid City Students Attend Ice Cream Social

    The evening of October 8th, the Davenport School District held its annual Ice Cream Social. Two members of the Mid City Iowa Youth Congress, Izzy Parker-Tatum and Anastasia Stadler, attended and did Mid City PROUD! They lobbied their bills for IYC (Yes means Yes, Mandatory Police Body Cameras, and the Hands Free While Driving) to each Representative and Senator in attendance and spoke in front of nearly 100 people explaining their bills. After the event they also met with representatives from a Rape Crisis Advocacy Group to get their input on the Yes means Yes.

    ice cream soc1 ice cream soc2

    Buddy Bench Delivered to Buchanan Elementary School

    Mid City High School Service Learning students built and delivered a second “Buddy Bench.”   This benches will be installed on Buchanan Elementary School’s playgrounds to provide a place for students to meet new friends.

    The first lucky recipient was Wilson Elementary. The sponsor for these benches is Curriculum Specialist Ellen Reilly. A Buddy Bench is a place for an elementary student to go too and the other students will know that they are looking for a friend. The story behind the concept can be found at

    More of the benches will be built in the Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship class that meets after school from 3:15 to 4:15 on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Volunteers to help build the benches are always welcome as are donations of money or materials to help to build these benches. Contact Mr. Thede at Mid City to help.

    buchanan buddybench4

    Mr. Schneider’s Class experiments with Eggs!

    As part of a lesson on impulse, students each designed a platform to catch an egg when dropped.  At the beginning of the activity students were each given 100 physics dollars to spend on their platform.  Students were able to purchase items such as cotton balls, paper, drinking straws, and balloons.  Only the items provided could be used and only 100 physics dollars could be spent on each platform.  Students were able to better understand impulse by looking at the inverse relationship between force and time.  Students quickly realized that the longer it took for their egg to come to rest, the less force their egg endured.

    EggDrop1 EggDrop2 eggdrop3 Eggdrop4

    MCHS Art Students Create a Masterpiece!

    Students in Mrs. Smallwood’s Painting classes were given the opportunity to create an original piece of art for the brand new Mid City High building. Consisting of two different class periods, the students collaborated on what to make from an old landscape painting that was brought in from a garage sale. Students began the process by painting the canvas black, and then splattering purple and silver paint on top in the style of artist Jackson Pollock. The students then designed and voted on an array of “MC” letter designs and painted them on top of the splatter paint. Both painting classes are very happy with the finished product, having said that they like that they had a hand in creating something original for their new school.

    The finished piece is on display in the main office of Mid City High. Students responsible for the painting are:

    Chrissy Bein                       Demarquez Dothard-Hayes                            Adrian Fry

    Frank Gregorich               Dalton Mason                                                        Caitlin Petersen

    Ayla Sheehan                     Tommy Sherrod                                                  Africa Shorter

    Emmi Ulman                       Alex Carlton                                                          Jayce Collins

    Nichole Connelly              Charles Grass                                                         Lauren Hodges

    Epi Nicol                              Brennan Parker                                                     Brian Sanders

    Athena Sheehan               Tatiana Travis


    iJAG Initiation and Installation Ceremony

    The Mid City iJAG Initiation & Installation Ceremony took place on Friday, September 26, 2014 at Mid City High School. The ceremony was to honor all current students enrolled in the iJAG program at Mid City. iJAG students also elected officers within their classes and those officers were sworn in. The ceremony was a small glimpse of what the Mid City iJAG program hopes to accomplish this year.

    The following iJAG members were honored:

    Auston Angstrom, Scott Boyer, Jessica Brady, Trey Canaday, Shelby Day, Danyell DeToye, Emilee Donelson, Anyae Dothard, Apryl Grass, DeMarquez Hanes, Mico Harrington, Jazmine Holbrook, Beth Houghton, Nick Jones, Markee Lewis, Kamaria Marshall, Falyn Martin, Maken-Z Meeks, LaMeishia Moore, Alaina Otte, Tavian Petersen, James Salkil, Kaitlyn Schmidt, Ronnie Schutte, Africa Shorter, Gabe Sims, Iesha Sims, Billy Stanger, and Alia Tyler, and Lydia Warren.

    The following were inducted as officers of the Mid City iJAG program:

    President: Auston Angstrom

    Vice Presidents: Nick Jones, Shelby Day, and Gabe Sims

    Secretaries: LaMeishia Moore and Africa Shorter

    Treasurers: Ronie Schutte and Lydia Warren

    Photographer: Jessica Brady

    iJAG banner   ijaggroup  ijag1

    On Saturday, September 27th, Mid City High School hosted the Regional Caucus for the Iowa Youth Congress. Approximately 35 students from Mid City, Pleasant Valley, Muscatine, Burlington and Cedar Rapids attended the event. They were addressed by Dr. Tate, School Board Member Maria Dickman on behalf of the School Board and District Administration and by State Representative Phyllis Thede. The students worked on drafting their bills to prepare for the General Assembly that starts this Thursday at the Capitol in Des Moines. The issues that they brought forth to present are as follows:

    • A proposal to require foreign language classes for elementary students
    • A bill to require Just Cause in all job terminations
    • An amendment to the selection criteria for the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (Not Iowa Youth Congress)
    • Cell phone Hands free only while driving

    On October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, the following members of Iowa Youth Congress will represent Mid City at the General Assembly in Des Moines.

    ThedeDSCI1799 ThedeDSCI1792 ThedeDSCI1790

    Mastalio’s Math Class learns about Sports Statistics

    Students in Elizabeth Mastalio’s Sports Statistics class exercise some higher order thinking skills as they are assessed on their ability to create an experiment including the concepts of control, replication, and random assignments.  In this experiment students are measuring the difference between their ability to shoot a ball into a trash can with their dominant and non-dominant hand.  They will then analyze and interpret the data and discuss the results.


    Service Learning Students make Buddy Benches

    Mid City High School students build “Buddy Benches” for Davenport Elementary Schools during their Service Learning class.  These benches will be installed on playgrounds to provide a place for students to meet new friends.

    The first lucky recipient was Wilson Elementary. A second bench is nearing completion for Fillmore Elementary. The sponsor for these benches is Curriculum Specialist Ellen Reilly. A Buddy Bench is a place for an elementary student to go too and the other students will know that they are looking for a friend. The story behind the concept can be found at

    More of the benches will be built in the Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship class that meets after school from 3:15 to 4:15 on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Volunteers to help build the benches are always welcome as are donations of money or materials to help to build these benches. Contact Mr. Thede at Mid City to help.

    BuddyBench Sept 17 019

    Buesing Interviews District Superintendent

    Andrew Buesing, a Senior at Mid City, had the opportunity to meet with and interview Dr. Tate earlier this month.  The interview took place in one of the building’s common collaborative learning spaces. Dr.Tate answered questions about the construction, the plans for the future addition, and the building process.  Andrew’s article will appear in the building’s October edition of “The Maverick,” our first ever school newspaper.



    Robotics Students: The X-Glider

    Students from the Robotics class at Mid City High launch their paper rockets as part of the curriculum co-written by NASA and The Teacher Resource Network. The paper rockets are the third step in the program of Aeronautical Engineering that the students study. Prior to this experiment the students studied the characteristics of unpowered flight using the NASA X-Glider program. During the X-Glider project they learned the principles of flight to determine lift and control surface action as well as weight balance and drag. The students will be continuing their study of powered flight by taking the principles that they have learned and applying them to the construction and flight test of their Water bottle Rockets with the goal of launching them to a 300 foot height.

    9 8 14 036 9 8 14 034

    Physical Science Experiment

    Students in physical science measured the effect that salt had on the freezing point of water.  In this experiment, the water became so cold that it immediately froze when poured out of a bottle.

    9 10 14 005 9 10 14 002

    Mike Maloney visits Mid City High School

    On August 28th, 2014 Mike Maloney, director of operations for the DCSD, visited Mrs. Goddard’s 5th period yearbook class.  The class posed multiple questions to Mr. Maloney in an effort to answer some questions and gather information students have asked or expressed interest in the few weeks of school.

    Mr. Maloney answered questions on a variety of topics, including upcoming construction, plans for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, structural planning, building issues, and technology. He also discussed at length the immense planning, time and efforts that have gone, and will continue to go into making Mid City High School what principal Dr. Klipsch refers to as “a beautiful place.”

    Maloney 005

    Climate March Comes To Mid City

    Monday, August 25, 2014 Mid City High School was delighted to host several walkers from The Great Walk for Climate Action.  These 4 walkers, introducing themselves only as Luke, John, Mac and Shawn, spent the morning at MCHS educating our students on environmental and social climate issues. The mission of this non-profit organization is “to change the heart and mind of the American people, our elected leaders and people across the world to act now to address the climate crisis.”  Our guest speakers along with a core of about 20 other walkers left Las Angeles, CA. this past March and have thus far trekked 2,000 miles across America in order to educate communities about our climate crisis.  Their walk will end this November in Washington, D.C. at the White House.

    New Year Pics 178 New Year Pics 186

    First Day of School

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