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  • McKinley Elementary School: A PBIS School
    Principal:Aaron Vincent
    1716 Kenwood Avenue
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: 563-723-6800
    "We are Responsible , Respectful and Ready"
  • Our Staff 2017-2018

    Kindergarten Teachers 
    Mrs. Finkeldei
    Mrs. Ruud
    Mrs. Leon
    Mrs. Cordts
    Grade 1 Teachers
    Mrs. Forsyth
    Mrs. Murray
    Mrs. Hawley
    Grade 2 Teachers
    Ms. Jurgens
    Ms. Brothers
    Mrs. Norberg
    Grade 3 Teachers
    Mrs. Grothusen
    Mrs. Cordts
    Mrs. Tallman
    Mrs. Hanes
    Grade 4 Teachers
    Mr. Huss
    Mrs. Berthel
    Mrs. Nettleton
    Grade 5 Teachers
    Mrs. Johannsen
    Mr. Gamble
    Mrs. Schrand
    Special Area Teachers
    Mrs. Boee: Orchestra
    Ms. Weimer : Band
    Mrs. Lindquist: Art
    Ms. Smiley: Physical Education
    Mrs. Harris: Music
    Mr. Macksey: Teacher Librarian
    Mrs. Greenwood: ELL
    Mrs. Bates-Heithoff: ELL
    Mrs. Ehrecke: Counselor
    Mrs. Barry: Gifted and Talented
    Exceptional Education Teachers
    Mrs. Perry
    Mrs. Johnson
    Mrs. Fiers
    Ms. Deater
    Ms. Stavig
    Mr. Hafner
    Office and Support Staff
    Mrs. Pethoud: Secretary
    Mrs. Williams: Attendance and Paraprofessional Staff
    Mrs. McGhee: Paraprofessional
    Mrs. Askam: Paraprofessional Staff
    Ms. Barth:Paraprofessional Staff
    Ms. Conner: Paraprofessional Staff
    Mrs. Elkins: Paraprofessional Staff
    Ms. LaMar: Head Custodian
    Mrs. Lewis: Paraprofessional Staff
    Ms. Newman: Paraprofessional Staff
    Ms. Olsen: AEA Psychologist
    Mrs. Gibbs: Math Coach
    Ms. Alexander: Reading Coach
    Mrs. Pemberton: Paraprofessional Staff
    Mrs. Phillips: Paraprofessional Staff
    Ms. Raines: Cook in Charge
    Mrs. Shaw: School Nurse
    Mrs. Tannamor: Paraprofessional Staff / Health Para
    Ms. Whiskeyman: AEA Speech and Language 
    Mrs. Wood: Paraprofessional Staff
    Ms. Zeltner: Head Cashier