l English as a Second Language | McKinley Elementary School
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  • McKinley Elementary School: A PBIS School
    Principal:Aaron Vincent
    1716 Kenwood Avenue
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: 563-723-6800
    "We are Responsible , Respectful and Ready"
  • English as a Second Language

    Ni Hao! Hóla! Kemcho! Asslamoalay Kom! Chào!
    Privit! Merhaba! Namaste! Bawoni! Salamat!

    At McKinley we have fifty-four in the program. We have two full time teachers to provide this support, Patty Wells and Lori Bates-Heithoff. There are many different languages represented, Spanish, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Arabic, Albanian, Hindi and Japanese just to name a few. We feel very fortunate to have the program here at McKinley. Not only do they learn from us, but we also have the opportunity to learn from them their customs, traditions and culture.

    The countries represented this year include: Mexico, Columbia, Morrocco, Gabon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ukraine, Albania, Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan, India,  & Nepal.

    Our ESL teachers are Mrs. Greenwood and Mrs. Bates-Heithoff.

    Students enrolled in our program can practice English proficiency through the Imagine Learning Website . Follow the link here.

    To learn more about the ESL program at Davenport Community Schools, please visit the following district-level page: