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  • McKinley Elementary School: A PBIS School
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  • Optional Online Resources

    McKinley Families,

    Below is information on optional resources that can be used at home with your child(ren).  In addition, students now have access to Accelerated Reader to take comprehension quizzes at home.  This program has also provided us with the capability to access MyOn Reader, which has books online.  Students can read a book and then log into AR to take a quiz.

    Online Optional Resources

    The Davenport Community School District has created a website filled with online learning resources to support families and students at this time, organized by grade level. We hope that this website will assist you during the school closure.

    View our District Distance Learning Guide for Students and Families here:


    Accelerated Reader (Optional)

    You may be wondering what else your child can do at home that ties into what he or she has already been working on at school.  

    For the next 3 weeks the Accelerated Reader program is open for students to take quizzes at home.  Students in grades 1-5 are familiar with this program and have been taking quizzes at school this year.   

    The steps are easy!

    1.  Student picks an appropriate book to read.  There are three ways this can be done; they read the book alone, with someone, or get it read to them
    2. Students can log into Accelerated Reader via McKinley homepage –http://www.davenportschools.org/mckinley



    click on this and go to student web resources

    click on I am an AR reader!



    click student

    1. Log in using student initials and school number and the password is read

    this is HOME

    click on orange square to take tests or go to progress trophy – they will only have the orange Accelerated Reader tab on their page.


    Here students can:

    *type in title, author of book read

    *click on trophy to find points and how they did on quizzes taken

    they have to click on My Completed Work tab to find quizzes taken and Total points. 

    they have to click on My Completed Work tab to find quizzes taken and Total points. 

    ***If you need a code to access it is rp-17302299

    Students are working to earn points for tickets once they return to school.