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Matt Schwind, Parent of Two Davenport Community Schools Students

Matt Schwind, realtor and parentMatt Schwind, parent of two Davenport Community Schools students:

My wife and I could have chosen to live in any school district or send our children to any private school. We made the conscious decision to be involved in the Davenport Schools from K-12 for the benefit of both our son and our daughter. Our daughter excelled in all subjects including a love for math and science; achieving a 3.9 (out of 4) GPA in high school. She was active in the Central High environmental club, overseas programs that empower girls in underdeveloped countries (Girls Learn) and the gifted and talented program and classes. She’s gone on to receive an undergraduate degree in accounting, an internship with the state auditor’s office and currently is enrolled in graduate school to earn a Masters in Accountancy.

My son excelled in the arts and music throughout his entire K-12 years starting with cello lessons in the 4th grade to Jazz Band, Marching Band, first chair clarinet in Orchestra, and the Pit Band in Show Choir all 4 years in High School.  He was admitted to Columbia College of Fine Arts in Chicago, graduated from Iowa and was able to follow his passion for music and writing by becoming the Programming and Communications coordinator with the local non-profit River Music Experience, taking what he has learned and sharing a love for music education with the next generation. The genuine friendships and connections he first made in the Davenport Schools continue to build a synergy of success with a great support circle of friends who have all become caring, secure, positive and well adjusted adults. The bottom line: learning the curriculum was just a portion of the larger education our two students received from the Davenport School system.