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Luke Eure, Graduate of Central High School

Luke Eure, Central High Alumnus


Luke Eure, Graduate of Central High School:

I can’t imagine a better resource for high school students than Mrs. Heninger’s TAG program. In classes and extra-curricular clubs, she pushes her students to find inspiration in people, ideas, and themselves. She showed us videos and readings that introduced us to topics like education reform, spoken-word poetry, and the Enigma Code. Her passion for turning students into compassionate, capable, and happy human beings is incredible. The amount of time she devotes to causes important to her inspires me to do more with my life. And without her pushing and guiding me throughout the standardized test and college application process, there’s no way I would have found my way to a place I love as much as MIT.

AP Classes at Central were a fun and engaging introduction into ways of thinking that changed my life. AP Chemistry made me realize how much there was about the world that I didn’t know. AP Physics and Calculus gave me an appreciation for how apparently unrelated phenomena can be deeply related. AP Government shattered my perception of how a country is run. And AP English showed me how much work and thought goes into creating a great piece of art. All of these classes were taught by great teachers who made their classrooms lighthearted and fun environments. I use the skills and perspectives I learned in these classes every day; they have made me a better learner and leader, and a happier person.

I am currently studying physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Interacting with students with incredibly varied backgrounds at Central gave me a perspective on the world that I share with few students here and that I often take for granted. The math, science, and cognitive skills I use every day are built from what I learned at Central. Participation in sports and extracurriculars like swimming, cross country, Read’n Rap, and the School Board taught me about dedication, working with a team, mentorship, and advocacy. I am incredibly lucky to have gone to a school like Central and wish everyone could have the opportunities I did.