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Jason Mott, Graduate of West High School

Jason Mott, West High Graduate


Jason Mott, Graduate of West High School:

I attended Davenport West, and I appreciated how amazing all of my teachers were. I ended up going into education myself, and am currently teaching high school band and orchestra in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. I had a great education with the band directors at West during my time. Mr. Tom Wood started me off on my music journey at West, and is one of the kindest men I have met. I took a lot from having him as my director in my own career now. Mr. Mark Kretschmer led me through countless show choir pits, musical pits, and gave me life-long advice that I still adhere to. Mr. Dennis Mott is my father, but I can still give him credit for being one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is the reason I am now teaching band as well.

I am grateful for Mrs. Melissa Trimble for tutoring me in chemistry when I was floundering, even though she was not even my teacher at the time. That led me to AP chemistry, which I never would have taken otherwise. Mrs. Trimble made that class so enjoyable, and it was a class that I never thought I would be able to succeed in.

There are four additional teachers that I constantly thank in my head throughout my daily life. Ms. Allen and Mr. King made me excited about writing and reading, and gave me a great foundation for my English career at West. I have to admit that while I was in Mr. Savoy’s class I didn’t always enjoy it, but that man taught me to write such a strong paper. I don’t think any of my college professors ever compared to his expectations, and I left his class being able to write. Ms. Sheehey continued my strong education in writing and reading that would make my college years seem like a breeze. I fell in love with reading thanks to Ms. Sheehey.