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Jalen Crawford, Graduate of Mid City High School, Class of 2017

My Davenport Schools Story, CTE Edition: Jalen Crawford

The following “My Davenport Schools Story” is taken from interviews with graduates of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs here at Davenport Community Schools. To read through our “2019 Highlights: Career Exploration for Davenport Youth” flip book and PDF, which features other alumni stories and details our extraordinary CTE program offerings, please visit: http://www.davenportschools.org/career-exploration-for-davenport-youth-2019-highlights-flip-book-and-pdf/


Jalen Crawford

Jalen Crawford, Graduate of Mid City High School, Class of 2017
Studying Computer Sciences and Mathematics, University of Dubuque

Jalen’s high school field of study: Algebra, Geometry, and Robotics

Reflections on college: After my 2019 spring semester, I will be transferring to Iowa State University to pursue Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science. I have applied for NASA internship and they are currently looking over my application for this summer. It sounds cliché, but what I like most about my fields of study are watching people from different disciplines working to create something greater for humanity.

His Davenport Community Schools advantage: One class in particular prepared me for the world outside of high school, and that was iJAG, or Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates. iJAG taught real-world knowledge, like how to file taxes or create a resume. I also took robotics, which allowed me to experience what thinking like an engineer is like, and I participated in Davenport Digital Innovators, which allowed me to experience programming and marketing firsthand.