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  • Jackson Elementary School
    Principal: Teresa Bechen

    1307 Wisconsin Ave
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone: (563) 723-6650
    Fax: (563) 445-5974

  • Did You Know?


    • When students forget items they meant to bring to school, parents can drop them off in the office and we will get them to the students?   Parents, please mark all items that you bring in with your child’s name and teacher name!   This helps get the items to the right student.
    • Birthday snacks – if students do not bring them in at the beginning of school, parents or relatives can drop off the snacks in the office and the office will get them to the student.  Please mark each container, bag, etc. with your child’s name and teacher name to ensure proper delivery!
    • Communications – there are several options for parents to communicate to the Jackson Staff!  Listed below are a few:


    1)       Email – the most effective way to communicate is to email a staff member.  Email addresses of Jackson staff are always last name, first initial of first  Example:

    2)      Voicemail – should be operating within the first month or so from the start of school.  You can leave a message in a teacher’s voicemail box if you prefer.

    3)      Telephone – is nice if you need to get an important message to a staff member or student that day!  If you have a question, the Jackson website as well as the DCSD website can answer many of your questions but office staff is available at the telephone to answer your questions.

    4)      Auto Dialer – Often, the office and PTA  uses this feature to communicate to the Jackson community about important upcoming family events.  In most cases, the auto dialer will communicate with you in the later part of the day.  If a person does not answer, the auto dialer will leave a message.  It may also leave a message in your email.

    5)      Visit the school – one can sign in, obtain a visitor badge, and visit a staff member if that works best for them.  Before and after school are the best times to visit as school hours are dedicated to important teacher instruction!



    • It is helpful that students know prior to coming to school each day, how they get home from school if it is different than the normal routine they are used to.  The teacher needs to know if a change in transportation going home will occur.   We realize that unexpected changes may occur at times after your child has arrived at school.  Simply call the Jackson office, and we will make every effort to get your child the message they may need to know.
    • Parent Portal – allows you access to your child’s attendance and grades!  You can also update your telephone number and other demographics in parent portal.  If you have a change of address and try to change it, the portal will prompt you to contact the school office.
    • Volunteering – If you are at Jackson School but not dropping something off, picking up something, dropping someone off, or picking someone up, you are considered a volunteer.  Volunteers need to have a processed and approved volunteer application on file with the district.  This includes attending any PTA events during the school day, Watch D.O.G.S., persons who read to students, persons who attend student study trips, visiting your child’s classroom.  The Jackson website has the volunteer application as well as the district website.  You will be contacted from the Jackson Parent Liaison when your application has been approved.
    • At times, some events may change due to circumstances out of the school’s control such as inclement weather, etc.  The school tries very hard to communicate in several different ways to inform parents of the changes/updates that may have to take place.  Listed below are several communication websites/tools that are offered to families for better communication.  Many answers to your questions you may have or forms that you may need can be right at your fingertips:


    PARENT COMMUNICATION TOOLS AND WEBSITES are available to help families access and print information from any computer.  Jackson school has computer(s) available for parent/guardian usage, if needed.  Today’s technology offers:  The Davenport Schools Website –; the Jackson School Website – ; the PARENT PORTAL – contact the Jackson office to get signed up; the D-Net E Blast – sign up via the DCSD website.  Families who do not have access to a computer or are unable to use a school computer to view/print school related material:  Please contact the school office to request a paper copy of material you would like.