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Iowa School Performance Profiles

The Iowa Department of Education has just released new online reports called the Iowa School Performance Profiles. These reports include each school’s scores on a set of accountability measures that are consistent throughout Iowa’s 1,302 public schools. These indicators are required as part of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA focuses on equitable access to education, high standards and  accountability, and a decrease in achievement gaps across groups of students including students with disabilities, students who are economically disadvantaged, students from major ethnic and racial groups, English learners, students of military-connected families, as well as students who are a part of migrant families, homeless, or in foster care.

The Iowa School Performance Profiles include each school’s scores on a set of accountability measures. These measures include:

  • Student participation on state assessments
  • Academic achievement
  • Student academic growth
  • Graduation rate (high schools only)
  • Progress in achieving English language proficiency (for English as a Second Language students)

A postsecondary readiness measure will be added for high schools in 2019.

Proficiency is important, particularly in reading and math, however this new accountability system emphasizes student growth as measured by results on state assessments from year to year. This will show schools that are making significant progress with students.

As a result of the Iowa School Performance Profiles, schools have been identified for additional support and improvement to ensure that all students have the same opportunities to succeed. Of Iowa’s 1,302 public schools:

  • 34 are identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement: meaning they will receive support from the state and area education agencies to develop improvement plans. Four DCSD schools received this designation: Mid City High School, Smart Intermediate, Madison Elementary, and Monroe Elementary.
  • 307 are identified for Targeted Support and Improvement. 14 DCSD schools have been identified for Targeted Support. Targeted support means that the school has one or more student subgroups performing as low as the lowest 5% of schools. Subgroups in an identified school must contain at least 20 students. A sub group may refer to students eligible for free or reduced price lunch, English language learners, students with disabilities, or students by race/ethnicity. It is important to realize that schools identified for this level of support may be meeting indicators in other areas. Our schools identified for Targeted Support include: 
    • Elementary:
      • Adams
      • Buchanan
      • Fillmore
      • Hayes,
      • Jefferson
      • Washington
      • Wilson
    • Intermediate:
      • Sudlow
      • Walcott
      • Wood
    • High Schools:
      • Central
      • North
      • West