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  • Hayes Elementary School
    Principal: James Goddard 
    SAM: Amanda Tidwell
    622 S. Concord St.
    Davenport, Iowa 52802
    Phone: 563-723-6600
    Fax:  563-445-5973

  • Student Handbook

    Handbook (refer to the student planner for the entire handbook)

    This page should help you find some of the “most asked” questions we receive.  Any time you are in doubt regarding school-connected situations please call 322-2601.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ambulance Transportation

    • If an ambulance is needed for transportation to a hospital, it will be summoned through calling 911.  Pupils will be transported to the closest Davenport hospital unless a specific need or request exists for transportation to a different location.

    Appointments: Other Communications

    • If a child has a Doctor appointment the office should be contacted and arrangements made for them to arrive late or leave early.  In all cases the school secretary or nurse should be notified and the student signed out.  If you child is going to be absent from school or leaves school for any kind of appoint (doctor, dentist, orthodontist, eye doctor, etc.) a note from the doctor is required when the child returns to school in order for this to be an excused absence.  If the appointment is in the afternoon or late morning, the child should attend school until within 30 minutes of the appointment time.  If the appointment is first thing in the morning and the child is not ill, s/he should return to school after the appointment with a doctor’s note.  If you child is ill and you cannot take your child to the doctor, please feel free to bring her/him into the nurse’s office to be checked.  If the nurse sends her/him home, this will be an excused absence. 

    Attendance and Planner Awards

    • Each semester Hayes students are recognized for attendance with gold, silver, and bronze ribbons.  Students who regularly have their planner signed daily also receive special acknowledgement and get their name placed in a drawing for a new bike at the end of the school year.


    • Students in grades three through five may ride bikes to school with parent permission.  Bicycle permits must be on file in the office before a student rides a bicycle to schoo.  Safety needs will be enforced at all times.  Bicycles should not be ridden on the playground and never on the blacktop.  All bikes should be chained and locked at the bike racks.

    Breakfast and Lunch

    • Breakfast is available at Hayes from 7:35 a.m. – 7:55 a.m.  STUDENTS WILL LINE UP OUTSIDE AT 7:35a.m.  Please contact the cafeteria cashier about the cost of breakfast.  Hot lunches are available also at Hayes.  Money can be put into their lunch money account and drawn from each time they have a school lunch or carton(s) of milk.  children are limited to 2 cartons of milk, 1 chocolate and 1 white or 2 white.  This rule is made by the nutritionist who is in charge of the lunch program.  Visit the Parent Portal  to add money in their lunch account.  Credit for a child’s lunch can be extended for one day only.  Beyond that the parents must contact the school.  If you are financially unable to purchase lunch or milk you may be eligible for free or reduced priced meals.  Applications are given out at registration at the beginning of each school year or can be picked up at the office at any time.  These applications must be fully filled out, signed and returned to school.  If you have any questions, please call the cafeteria cashier.  Children may also bring their lunch from home.  Under no circumstance will a child leave for lunch without receiving prior permission from the Principal, Teacher-In-Charge, Nurse or a member of the office staff.


    • Notes and notices will be sent home in a folder with your child every Thursday.  there is a place for you to initial before you send the folder back on Friday.  You must receive these communications to be informed about what is going on at school.  A calendar of school events is sent home at the beginning of each month.


    • At least one scheduled conference per year will be held with parents are teachers.  Additional conferences may be held at any time at the request of the parents, teacher or administrator. 


    • A special needs consultant works with teachers, parents and administrators determining the needs and appropriate programming for educational remediation.  The consultant coordinates the efforts of the other special service personnel.

    Dress Code

    • The following guidelines are meant to assist students and parents in determining appropriate attire for school.  School administration reserves the right to ban any item or clothing article which may cause a disruption to the learning environment or personal safety or promotes illegal products or acts, contains explicit violent or suggestive sexual content or is deemed obscene or profane.
          1.  Females may not wear halter-tops or tops that do not cover their back, or tops that show cleavage.
          2.  Female tops must meet the waistband of the bottom clothing they are wearing and have shoulder straps    (no spaghetti straps).
      3.  Undergarments should be covered at all times.
          4.  Pants may not ‘sag’.
          5.  Pajamas are never appropriate at school.
          6.  Shoes must be worn at all times.
          7.  Shoes with rollers on the bottom are not allowed.
          8.  Slippers and flip flops are not to be worn at school.
          9.  Hats, bandannas, chains, bracelets with spikes, and sunglasses cannot be worn.
          10. Coats cannot be worn in the classrooms and must be kept in lockers.
      Dress that is found to be in violation of board policy or rules and regulations require students to do one or more of the following:
          1.  Turn shirts inside out
          2.  Wear clothes provided by the school
          3.  Wear P.E. clothes
          4.  Tie up saggy pants
          5.  Parents would bring in appropriate clothing
          6.  Remove head gear

    If a student refused to comply, parents are notified and the student may be assigned ISS for insubordination.  Multiple offenses will be addressed by progressive discipline.

    Elementary Counselor

    • The Elementary Counselor will consult with students, parents, teachers, and other involved persons regarding student’s successful school experiences.

    Emergency Contacts: Student Information

    • It is extremely important that the school office has current information on every child.  We often need to find the address, phone number, name of legal guardian, emergency names and numbers in order to best care for your child.  Please Call The Office And Have The Secretary Change This Data When Necessary.

    Emergency Drills

    • HayesSchoolconducts emergency drills according to state regulations.  Teachers will review procedures with students periodically.  A copy of the school’s Crisis Plan is available in the Office and on the school web site.

    Field/Study Trips

    • Field trips and excursions are an integral part of today’s educational curriculum.  Parents will be notified in advance of all class field trips.  All after school activities and special non-curricular programs off school grounds will require individual permission grants.


    • Homework is a teacher-planned learning activity, which takes place outside the student’s regular school hours.  It should reinforce classroom learning and expand on a student’s school experience.  Homework is considered an important part of the instructional program.  Parents are encouraged to set aside a regular time to look at the planner and discuss the day’s events and any work they have brought home.  Although homework may not be brought home every night, time should be spent reading, writing, studying the math facts and spelling words.Whenever a child is absent from school for more than 3 (3) days, parents may request homework be sent home.  Requests should be made early in the morning, so the teacher has time to gather and organize materials.

    Ill or Has a Accident     (What if my child becomes…)

    • If a child becomes ill or has an accident at school, the office will notify the parent as soon as possible.  The child is not sent home until arrangements have been made with a parent. For this reason it is vitally important that the home phone and emergency phone numbers be kept current in the school office.

    Items Brought to School

    • Children are not to bring play items, trading cards, toys or any item of value to school.
      Frequently these items are the cause of class disruption.  Show and tell items may be brought but must stay in the classroom.  In general if there is any doubt, then it is best not brought to school.  Under no circumstances are children to bring guns, knives or weapons of any kind to school.  This includes toy guns, toy knives and anything that could be used as a weapon.  Children should not bring any sort of electronic instrument to school (headphones, cell phones, pagers, electronic games, etc.).  Children should only bring the amount of money they need that day.  Students are assuming full responsibility when they bring money to school.

    Kept After School     (How long can children be …)

    • On occasion it becomes necessary to keep a student after regular classes to complete assignments or hold a behavior conference.  In these case children are not kept later than 3:00 p.m. unless parents are notified in advance.

    Leaving the School Grounds During School Hours     (May children …)

    • No student may leave the school grounds unless they are signed out and accompanied by a responsible adult.

    Location of Student Records

    • The records of each student are generally located in the school which the student is attending.  The person in charge of records maintenance in the building will know any exception.  Contact the building principal or the district office of pupil records for the name and position of the person responsible for student records in each building.


    • Students may put their own locks on lockers.  These are to be combination only and the homeroom teacher MUST have the combination.  Key locks are not permitted.

    Lost and Found

    • A lost and found is kept in the school.  Money not claimed within a week are given to the finder.  Encourage children to be responsible for their own property.  It is hard to understand how so many heavy coats, hats and gloves can be lost and not claimed during cold winter months!  Please put your child’s name in all coats, hats, boots, gloves, etc.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

    Medications     (Administration of…)

    • The Davenport School Board assumes no responsibility for medical treatment of students.  The school does not normally give medication.  But if a student must take prescribed medication during school hours, the school can administer such medications in situations where the student’s health and/or education will be in jeopardy without the medication. To give any medication, a form must be presented with clear directions from the doctor, the doctor’s signature and written permission from the parent or guardian.  The medication should be in its original container and should be labeled with the student’s name, name of the medication, directions for use, name of the physician, name of the pharmacy and date of the prescription. 
    • The parent or guardian should bring the medication to school.

    Notification Statement

    • It is the policy of theDavenportCommunitySchool Districtnot to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, creed, age, marital status, or disability in its educational programs.


    • A registered nurse is available daily.  In addition to treating illnesses and administering first-aid, the nurse tests the eyes of all students sometime during their enrollment.  The nurse performs all health related educational training exercises as mandated by the school system.  The nurse also works with the social worker providing support services for referred students.

    Parent Organizations     (PTO, WatchDogs, Dad’s Club)

    • PTO; Membership in the PTO is always availableto you; there is no cost to be involved in your childs school.  Your active support and involvement is sought.  This organization is very active at Hayes.  It is instrumental in bringing about many positive programs and activities for the children in this school.  Your help is needed too, contact a PTO Officer for further information.
    • WatchDogs; We are just starting our WatchDOGS (Dads Of Great Students) program here at Hayes; if you would like more information contact Desiree Gillespie the Parent Liaison at 322-2601 ext 211.   Calling all older brothers, dad’s, uncles, or grandfathers. If you have a day a week or month or what ever fits your schedule.
    • Dad’s Club; Dad’s Club is a local and district wide organization which supports children’s interests.  Among these involvements is a wide spread sports program through the elementary schools.  Contact the Dad’s Club office at the Friendly House for further information.

    Parties     (School Social Activities)

    • Each year we will have one recognized by the school – Valentine’s Day.  Alternate days or occasions may be chosen by the teacher and students.  Vocal music programs are held each year.

    Progress Reports

    • Report cards are sent home quarterly.  Additional reports are sent home any time a student’s achievement is unsatisfactory.

    Reading Specialist

    • The reading specialist can do in depth diagnosis for children with reading problems.  The reading specialist is responsible for the facilitation of the reading program in the building and the proper placement of all students in that program.


    • If a child is physically able to come to school they can participate in the total program.  Exceptions to this would be requests from the family doctor in which case a note from the doctor should be sent to school.

    Right to Amend and Appeal

    • Parents and eligible students may write a response to material in the records, challenge the content of the records on grounds of inappropriateness, inaccuracy or an invasion of privacy, and have the records explained.  Parents or eligible students, who are not satisfied with action of local school officials, have the right to appeal the district’s decision to the Iowa Department of Education.

    Right to Consent Disclosure

    • The parent or eligible student must give prior written consent for disclosure of records.  The following persons, agencies, and organizations, however, may have restricted access to student records without prior written consent of the parent or the eligible student.  Any other access to student records shall be only upon written consent or upon court order or legally issued subpoena.
    • School officials, teachers and AEA personnel with legitimate educational interests. 
    • Officials of other schools in which the student proposes to enroll.
    • Representatives of state and local government when auditing and evaluating Federal educational programs.
    • Officials connected with a student’s educational financial aid applications.
    • Government officials to whom information is to be reported under state law adopted prior to November 19, 1974.
    • Organizations which process and evaluate standardized tests.
    • Accrediting organizations of accrediting purposes.
    • Parents of dependent children, regardless of the child’s age.
    • Appropriate parties in a health or safety emergency.

    Right to Inspect and Review Records

    • Parents of students under age 18 and students over age 19 (eligible student) may exercise the opportunity to review educational records of the student.  Copies of student records will be made available to parents and eligible students at a reasonable cost.  The fee shall be waived if it would keep the parent or student from viewing the records.  Requests from parents or eligible students to view records will be honored without unnecessary delay and in no instance more than 45 days after the request is made.

    School Hours (What time should children come to school)?

    • Children should not arrive at school before 7:50 a.m. unless they are having breakfast.  Breakfast is available at Hayes from 7:40 a.m. – 7:55 a.m.  If your children are not eating breakfast please do not drop them off before 7:50 a.m.  There is no supervision on the playground before 7:50 a.m.  In addition the safety patrol is on duty at 7:50 a.m.  These 5th grade boys and girls are stationed at critical, heavy traffic crossings for the protection of your children.

    School Spirit Days

    • Fridays are school spirit days.  Students and staff dress in a manner to exhibit school spirit and pride on designated days.

    School Supplies

    • Students are expected to furnish their own supplies.  If your family needs assistance, please notify the office.

    School Visits     (Can I visit school)?

    • Visitation of classes by parents, guardians or grandparents is encouraged.  It is of special significance to a child when an important adult in the family comes to see their classroom, their teacher, and their friends.  For the safety and security of guests, students and staff, all visitors will sign in at the office and receive a visitors badge.  When leaving, guest are asked to return to the office to sign out and return the visitor badge.  With the class load and curriculum requirements of today’s teacher we ask that the following recommendations be given consideration.
    1. No Kindergarten visits the first month of school.
    2. No visits the day before a vacation period.
    3. No visits the last two weeks of school
    4. Avoid bringing other children.
    5. Adhere to appropriate classroom decorum.
    6. A suitable visit would probably last no longer than 1 hour.
    7. Contact the teacher in advance in order to know the best day and time for yourself and your child.

    Section 504

    • Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  It is also the policy of this district that the curriculum content and instructional materials utilized reflect the cultural and racial diversity present in the United Statesand the variety of careers, roles, and life styles open to women as well as men in our society.  Inquiries regarding compliance with Title IX, Title VI, or Section 504 may be directed to:
      Dawn Anderson-Rascher
      Program Director for Equity
      Davenport Community School District
      1606 Brady Street
      Davenport, Iowa  52803
      563-336-3805 or
      Director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission
      Des Moines, Iowa or
      Director of the Region VII Office of Civil Rights
      Department of Education
      Kansas City, MO.

    Service Fees

    Fees for textbooks and consumable materials per year are:

    Kindergarten:      $78.36     Reduced:  $47.02
    First Grade:        $82.66     Reduced:  $49.80
    Second Grade:    $83.66     Reduced:  $50.20
    Third Grade:       $91.16     Reduced:  $54.70
    Fourth Grade:     $82.53     Reduced:  $49.52
    Fifth Grade:        $83.53     Reduced:  $50.12

    Replacement cost for a lost planner is:  $2.65

     Speech Therapist

    • A speech therapist is available for students with problems in speech articulation-language development or comprehension.

    Student Records Access

    • The Davenport Community School District maintains records on each student in order to facilitate the instruction, guidance and educational progress of the student.  The records contain information about the student and his/her education and may include but are not limited to the following types of records; identification data, attendance data, records of achievement, family background, aptitude and achievement test results, educational and vocational plans, honors and activities, discipline reports, objective counselor or teacher observations, and external agency reports.
      Student records are periodically reviewed and inappropriate material is removed.  At a minimum this occurs whenever a student moves from one building to another and when a student transfers out of the district.  Those records not of permanent importance are destroyed within five years of graduation or discontinued attendance.  The parents of handicapped students, or handicapped students over age 18, will be informed when personally identifiable information in the records is no longer needed to provide educational services, and before the information is destroyed.

    Student Records Policy and Procedures     (Copy of…)

    • A copy of the procedures to be followed in exercising any of the rights under school policies, or rules pertaining to student records may be obtained from building principals or the district office of pupil records.  The office of pupil records will assist those who have a primary or home language other than English by making available a copy or an interpretation of the policy and procedures in their native language.


    • Teachers should be called before or after class times at school.  They will not be called out of their class except for emergencies.  You may leave a message for the teacher to return a call.  Children will be interrupted in class only for real emergencies.  In other cases, the office personnel will be glad to deliver a message to your child.  In order to avoid confusion and missed connections, we strongly urge that alternate and contingency procedures be determined with your children to cover as wide variety of situations as possible.  Parent permission to participate in whatever activity should be sought by the student before leaving home in the morning.

    Travel To and From School

    • The administration will make every reasonable effort to provide a safe environment at school.  However, responsibility for student behavior going to and from school property is that of the parents.