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  • Harrison Elementary

    1032 West 53rd

    Davenport, Iowa 52806

    Phone: 563-723-6500

    Lisa Baxter-Principal

  • Pickup ∧ Drop off of Students

            Harrison Morning Drop off Procedure 2018-19

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Please note the following procedure for dropping students off for school each morning:

    From 7:35AM-8AM, the front parking lot is reserved for school bus drop off.  Bussed students are to walk around to the back of the building, where supervision is available until it is time to enter the building.

    All other students should be dropped off in the back of the building, to wait on the blacktop.  If students go to breakfast, they enter through the back café door starting at 7:45AM.  The exception to this is for students requiring a handicapped assessable entrance.  These students always use the front door/front parking lot.  

    During inclement weather when students cannot wait outside, students (who do not ride the bus) should still be dropped off in the back of the building.  During bad weather, students will be let in to wait inside the building starting at 7:45AM.

    Some parents want to drop children off in the front of the building, which is not our procedure.  This is causing problems.  First of all, the front parking lot is reserved for school bus drop off.  It is also a busy staff parking lot.  It is not designed to accommodate the additional drop off of 400+ students. Doing so is not only unsafe in our small lot, but also contributes to traffic congestion on busy 53rd Street as cars try to enter and exit.  Secondly, students dropped off in front tend to enter the building immediately through the front door, where there is no supervision.   Before school supervision and safe access into the building is provided in the back of the building, not in the front

    There will always be a supervisor monitoring the loop and supervisors standing by the back door until 8:02AM for those that are running late to school. If you are running late and you do not a see a supervisor in the loop or on the blacktop, you will have to drive around to the front of the building to drop off your student.

    The only time students should be dropped off in the front parking lot is when:

    • Students, who are serving on Safety Patrol, should be at school by 7:35AM. These students are allowed to enter the front entrance and are supervised by their instructor, Mr. Michael Harrison.
    • Parents should also drop off in the front parking lot if it is after 8AM, when you are arriving late to school. By approximately 8:02 AM, Supervisors are no longer outside in the loop or on the blacktop.  All doors will be locked and the only way to enter is by being buzzed in through the front door.  Students arriving after 8AM are routed through the office where a tardy slip is issued, before they proceed to class.

    Drop off and parking is a challenge at Harrison School, but with your help we can make it safe and a little smoother.  Thank you for your support!

    7:35-8:00AM    Front parking lot is reserved for school bus drop off only.

    7:45AM            Breakfast begins. Students may drop in anytime between 7:45-8:00 AM.   Students eating breakfast should not arrive before 7:45 AM and should enter through the back café door.  Students who do not eat breakfast should also not arrive before 7:45AM and will wait on the blacktop until teachers pick up their classes.

    7:45-8:00AM   Supervision is available outside on the blacktop and in the back turn-around.

    7:55AM            Teachers pick students up from the blacktop.

    8:00AM            Class begins.

    8:02 AM           All doors are locked.  Students arriving late must be buzzed in through the front entrance.