• Harrison Elementary School

    Principal: Lisa Baxter

    1032 W. 53rd Street, Davenport, Iowa 52806

    Phone: (563) 723-6500

    FAX: (563) 445-5972

  • Pickup & Dropoff of Students

    Students should not be at school before 15 minutes prior to start of school unless special permission is given or they are attending the breakfast program. Supervision will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of school. Students will enter the building 5 minutes prior to the start of school.

    If students are late they must stop at the office for a pass before entering class. Parents are encouraged to call the office if students are late or will be out for special appointments. Parents must call the office before school when a student is absent.

    PARKING PROCEDURES: Parking is a challenge at Harrison, but with your help we can make it run a little smoother. The front parking lot is reserved for school bus drop off from 7:10 – 7:40 a.m. and for pick up from 2:00 – 2:40 p.m. At these times NO PARENT VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED IN THE FRONT PARKING LOT. Instead, parents may park on Vine, Warren, Marquette, or Appomattox and walk to the building, or use the back turnaround – Kussatz Lane. Kussatz Lane is accessible from Appomattox Road. When using the back turnaround, children must enter and exit their ride to the sidewalk in the right lane only! The left lane is for SLOWLY passing the other cars in the turnaround to exit. Children will not be allowed to cross the lanes in the turnaround. When dropping off and picking up in Kussatz Lane, PLEASE pull forward all the way to the end of the curve (not just at the sidewalk that leads to the playground). Should you feel the need to watch your child enter the building, please pull into a designated parking space and either step out of your vehicle to watch or walk them up to the building. This prevents traffic from backing up.

    Parents dropping off late arrivals or picking up early departing students are asked to only come to the 53rd Street lot, as all building exits are locked from the outside after the beginning of school. Parents are asked not to park in the yellow curb areas when doing so, but rather find an empty space within the lot. These early departure or late arrival students must be checked into and out of the office by an adult.