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    U is for Ukelele

    The first graders went backwards through the alphabet at the end of the year. They did something special each day that started with the letter of the day. For U they had a ukelele concert!

    Field Day

    Students enjoyed participating in the end-of-the-year field day. A special thanks goes out to the North High students who came to help out.

    Showcase of Learning and Applied Science

    Six 5th grade science projects were selected to be presented to the public at the 5th annual Showcase of Learning and Applied Science on Saturday, May 16th. The Showcase will take place at the Public Works Building, located at 1200 East 46th St. in Davenport.The 5th grade teachers stated it was difficult to select just six because there were so many exemplary projects.


    Composer Visits Harrison

    Second and third grade students worked with composer James Hersch to write songs. They chose the subject, wrote the lyrics and composed the song. They performed them for the kindergarten and first grade students.


    All City 5th Grade Instrumental Music Festival

    All City 5th Grade Instrumental Music Festival held at the Adler Theatre featuring the 5th grade All City Band and the 5th grade All City String Orchestra. A Harrison student was one of two student speakers at the event.


    Harrison Harmony Choir

    The 4th and 5th graders in the Harrison Harmony Choir presented their spring program.


    Second Graders Visit Vander Veer Park

    Harrison Elementary second graders enjoyed their Great Minds trip to Vander Veer Park. The weather was perfect, there were four education stations, and many parents attended.  It was a true “study trip,” designed by curriculum staff and teachers. The kids had a ball seeing the conservatory, the ducks in the lake, and all those tulips in bloom.



    Meet Bethel!

    Bethel is our professional therapy dog that was purchased by our wonderful PTA. Bethel is with our guidance counselor, Mrs. Frost, most of the day. She also lives with Mrs. Frost and her family. Bethel is so soft and loves to be petted if we ask first. She is just a puppy so we know not to call her name when we walk by her. We don’t want to distract her while she’s learning to be a good helper here at Harrison School.

    “Teach a Parent to Play” Night

    On Monday, March 30th, 4th Grade string students and parents were invited to attend the “Teach a Parent to Play Night” at Wood Intermediate School. 4th Grade String Orchestra Students (“Student Teachers”) taught parents with guidance from  Mrs. Kendell and Mrs. Hartmann.  Parents learned about string instruments, how to pluck and bow the strings, and even performed a number of short beginning pieces.


    Growing in the Garden

    First grade is participating in an Iowa State outreach program called Growing in the Garden thanks to a Great Minds Grant.. They learned about how vegetables need to be planted with enough room to grow. Students were carrots, pumpkins or peppers to demonstrate how much space each needs to grow.