l School Dress Code | Garfield Elementary School
  • Garfield Elementary School:  A PBIS School
    Principal: Tom Green
    902 East 29th Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: (563) 723-6450
    Fax: (563) 445-5971

  • School Dress Code

    It is expected that students will wear clean, proper and appropriate clothing.  While the primary responsibility for appearance rests with students and their parents, the Administration reserves the right to judge what is appropriate and what is a distraction to the learning environment.

     Extremes in attire and clothing with improper slogans, pictures or messages (subtle or straight forward) will not be tolerated.  Clothing advertising or advocating illegal drugs, tobacco or alcohol will not be allowed.  Students will be asked to turn shirts inside out or change their inappropriate attire.  “Muscle shirts” including sleeveless jerseys, tank tops (OK with 2” or more straps), see-through or midriff tops are not allowed. 

    Further, students will not be allowed to wear jackets, zippered sweatshirts, coats, hats, caps, sun glasses, bandannas or chains in the school building.  Sagging and baggy pants are not acceptable at Garfield and belts will be required if pants are falling below the waistline.

     Heeleys (or any shoes with wheels on the bottom) and flip flops are not allowed for any reason.

     Hair dye, hair highlighting, and/or weaves of unnatural colors, sparkles or other decorations may be determined to be a distraction to the learning environment and educational climate and may not be allowed.  Extremes in appearance are not conducive to the educational process needed in the classroom for elementary level students.  We will try to be respectful of your tastes as long as you do not abuse the privilege by drawing undue attention to yourself and you are respectful and considerate of the rights of others.

    For more information related to the personal appearance of students, please read School Board Policy 504.2.