l Mission & Diversity Statement | Garfield Elementary School
  • Garfield Elementary School:  A PBIS School
    Principal: Tom Green
    902 East 29th Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: (563) 723-6450
    Fax: (563) 445-5971

  • Mission & Diversity Statement

    Mission Statement
    In a safe and caring environment Garfield staff, families and the community will work together to prepare our students to be confident learners and leaders.

    Diversity Statement

    Garfield values the diverse ethnic heritage of the students that we serve and believe to be prepared for today’s global society and workforce, students must be able to understand appreciate, work with and learn from people with cultures and backgrounds different from their own.

    Garfield Gator Daily Creed
    I will be the best me that I can be today.

    I will be PREPARED to put forth the effort it takes to learn!

    I will treat myself and others with RESPECT!!

    I will show my “I CAN” attitude.

    I will DO MY Best, nothing less

    And show others EMPATHY!