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  • Innovative Grants

    Rethink  Reset  Refresh  Reinvent  Reimagine

    Teaching our children has changed, perhaps forever, due to the coronavirus. 

    As we emerge from this crisis the Davenport Schools Foundation is reinventing itself.  We are rethinking the ever-changing needs of those we serve.  We are pushing the reset button to better support our students, teachers, and classrooms in refreshing and innovative ways.

    Your gift is vital to help us in reimagining what student learning will look like going forward






    Great Minds – People, Places, and Performances

    Due to COVID-19, the Great Minds programs have been suspended until further notice.

    Great Minds was a curriculum-based enrichment program that enabled students to experience an enhanced education by providing resources to take students to area learning centers as well as bring experts into the classroom. Great Minds provided a living example of what is being taught.

    All these programs and more are made possible by donations received from individuals and organizations as well as from the sale of Major Saver cards.  Thank you for your support and for helping make a difference in the lives of children throughout the Davenport Community School District.