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  • 2019 Annual Appeal

    Over the past five years, the Davenport Schools Foundation Great Minds Programs have reached over 100,000 students in the Davenport Community School District with our place-based learning programs.  Great Minds is a curriculum-based enrichment program that enables students to experience an enhanced education by taking them into the community to provide living examples of what is being taught in their classrooms.  

    Recently Davenport Community Schools’ third Grade students attended a Davenport Schools Foundation program called ‘Agriculture in the Classroom’ at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.  Students learned about dairy, beef, swine, poultry, soybeans, corn, and much more.

    One student reflected, “I learned that my favorite pizza comes from a farm!  Wheat, tomatoes, cheese, and pepperoni, all come from a farm!  My mom’s favorite, basil, comes from a farm too!”  Student Jordan.

    It is amazing to see students think about agricultural topics that, as adults, we know are important to Iowa economics, our state heritage, the nation, and the world.  This story is one of many that you could influence through your gift to the Davenport Schools Foundation.  You would be helping our teachers train the minds of thousands of students to think, through our place-based learning programs. 

    Please light a spark of student excitement for learning and thinking by donating to the Foundation today!

    Your donation is crucial to the continued success of the programing we offer.

                                                      You are improving student achievement!

                                               You are enriching opportunities for students!

                                         You are encouraging a child’s imagination to shine!

                                   You are reinforcing what students are learning in the classroom!

    Your Davenport Community School District is committed to being a district of distinction – for you, for your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors, for everyone in our community.  Please send your gift today.  Our students and teachers are counting on your support now more than ever.  Please send your gift in the enclosed envelope or visit our website to make a secure online contribution. 

     Yours for the students,                                              

    Timothy Chen                                                               Ami Allard Wells

    President                                                                      Executive Director

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