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Davenport, IA

Visitor Check In Management System

School safety is one of Davenport Community Schools’ highest priorities.  Striving for greater efficiency and accountability, we employ Raptor Visitor Management system, a technology-based approach to manage visitor check in/check out procedures with built-in tools to further ensure student and staff safety.

Raptor has two broad purposes: to identify and welcome guests, and to increase school safety.

Raptor promotes parent and community engagement by enabling schools to:

  • Issue visitor photo badges
  • Monitor volunteer hours
  • Produce reports on levels and types of volunteerism

Raptor enhances school security by:

  • Scanning visitor drivers’ licenses to compare against registered sexual offender databases
  • Alerting campus administrators and appropriate authorities if a match or special alert is activated
  • Printing a visitor badge with a photo, date and time, and the visitor’s destination (if no special alert or sex offender match is activated)

Visitors will be asked to provide a government issued ID (drivers’ license, passport, etc.) to enter any Davenport Community Schools building. If a visitor does not have a government issued ID, the district can provide an alternate form that must be verified and approved by a school official.

We encourage you to learn more by viewing Frequently Asked Questions.  Thank you for your continued support of school safety.