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If you have questions regarding CPI or home schooling you may contact our office and/or visit the Iowa State Department of Education CPI web site.


The Davenport Community Schools HSAP is an option for home school parents.  This cooperative option with the public schools was made available as a result of the Iowa Home School Law passed in 1991.  The Davenport Community Schools recognize that home schooling parents are the primary teachers of their children.  The mission of our HSAP is:

To provide support and assist parents in their chosen role as the primary educator of their children.

The parents are responsible for setting the educational goals and selecting the curriculum, materials, and techniques to be utilized.  Each family enrolling in the HSAP will be assigned a certified teacher to provide assistance and guidance.  The state law requires 16 contacts between the teacher and family during the course of the year.  These contacts determine whether the child is making adequate educational progress and will take the place of the annual required assessment if the parents desire.  If parents elect to have their children tested there is no cost.

In addition, the HSAP teacher is available to consult with and advise the parents with respect to the following:

  • Helping parents to establish educational goals and objectives
  • Providing district textbooks and supplemental materials
  • Developing lesson plans
  • Assisting in teaching and learning techniques
  • Diagnosing student learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Planning curriculum
  • Interpreting test results
  • Record keeping
  • Other areas of assistance mutually agreed upon

Other features and benefits to the HSAP are:

  • HSAP children may be dually enrolled for some courses and/or school activities while participating in HSAP.  Fees for materials and activities will be the same as those charged to parents who have students enrolled in the regular school curriculum.
  • Davenport’s HSAP includes options for enrichment classes and activities for elementary and secondary students.  These offerings are optional to HSAP families and provide students with enrichment that will compliment their education at home.  There is no cost to HSAP families for these offerings.
  • Parents residing outside the Davenport Community School District that wish to open enroll in the Davenport Community Schools HSAP must file the open enrollment application form in the resident district by March 1st.



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If you have any questions regarding the HSAP please contact our office at (563) 336-5084.