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Davenport, IA

Academic and Career Planning

Davenport Community School District (DCSD) believes quality career and academic planning must be rooted in meaningful student activities and experiences including assessing interests, recognizing aptitudes and defining and navigating toward career and college goals.  With this knowledge, students can make informed choices about successfully completing high school, future postsecondary plans and career decisions.

Through these activities and experiences, students and their families, will be engaged in a process that culminates in an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).  This well-thought out plan is annually reviewed and revised to ensure alignment with the students’ career and academic goals.  The essential components of this plan include:

  1. Building SELF-AWARENESS:   Learn about yourself and explore the opportunities right for you – interest, skills, preferences and aspirations
  2. Exploring OPTIONS:  Learn about career possibilities and educational pathways
  3. Creating a PLAN (ICAP):  An actionable plan that outlines the steps needed to achieve school, career and life goals
  4. Making it REAL:  Bring your plan to life by taking informed actions


Area of Emphasis Outcomes
  • Complete Career Assessments and Inventories
  • Link student interests and skills with potential careers
  • Complete Work Values/Beliefs Survey
Exploring OPTIONS
  • Research Careers and Academic Programs
  • Compare Careers side by side
  • Document postsecondary exploration activities (career fairs, job shadows, visits with recruiters/college representatives, site visits)
  • Research and complete financial aid and scholarships
Creating a PLAN
  • Create an electronic student portfolio
  • Develop a comprehensive Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)
  • Review/revise ICAP annually
Making it REAL
  • Connect with local/regional organizations
  • Complete required placement examinations (Work Keys, ASVAB, ACT/SAT)
  • Create cover letter and resume
  • Research job interview information and complete practice job interview
  • Complete relevant entrance requirements (job application, enlistment documents, admission application)