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Transfer Options

Transfer Options – All Students

The Transfer Option Form  is available at all of our buildings, at the District’s Achievement Service Center at 1702 Main Street, or by clicking on the following link to view the form:

Transfer Option Form 2019-20

Diversity Form

All completed Transfer Option Forms must be turned into the office of one of our school buildings, sent to:
Davenport Schools Achievement Service Center
1702 Main Street
Davenport, Iowa 52803
Attention: Office of the Associate Superintendent
or emailed – Elementary to: Danielle Heller   Intermediate & High School to: Alison Loescher

  • Transportation will not be provided and is the responsibility of the parent.
  • A student granted a transfer option may be ineligible for varsity competition for up to 90 days, per Iowa Code 281-36.15.
  • Re-application is required when there is a change in address.
  • In cases of approved transfer, the approved transfer will automatically roll over for the following year unless there is a change of address in which case the student will be expected to attend their school of residence as per Board Policy 501.11.

Incoming 9th Graders
Incoming 9th grade students who wish to attend a high school outside of their home attendance area in the 2019-20 school year, need to complete a transfer option form. Students are only able to obtain one transfer option per calendar year.  These forms are available on-line, at all of our High School buildings, and at the district’s Achievement Services Center at 1702 Main Street. You may return forms to either the sending school, receiving school or Alison Loescher at the District’s Administrative Services Center at 1702 Main Street.

Chapter XI Individual Choice Option

Any student who becomes a victim of violence, and a criminal charge has been filed, shall, to the extent feasible, be permitted to transfer to another school within the school district. For purposes of this rule, a victim of violence is a student who is physically injured, sexually assaulted or threatened with physical injury as a result of the commission of a crime (as defined by Iowa law) against the student while the student is in the school building or on the grounds of the attendance center. Within ten calendar days following the date of the request, the school district will offer an opportunity to transfer to the parent of the student. Contact the Office of the Associate Superintendent for appropriate form at 1702 Main Street, Davenport, IA 52803 or (563) 336-7417.

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