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Fee Schedule

The Fee Schedule below is for the current school year only.  All students are charged a textbook rental fee and each elementary and intermediate student is also charged for a planner. These fees are summarized below.

Basic Textbook Rental Fee and Planner fees for kindergarten through 12th grade:

  • All Elementary Schools: $60.05*
  • All Intermediate Schools: $62.20*
  • All High Schools: $66.00*

*There are additional fees assigned to each student based on specialized program areas, such as workbooks, course fees, or special materials. These fees are listed on the child’s fee ledger and can be viewed online through TouchBase or printed at the student’s school.  To see a child’s outstanding fees or make a payment on a child’s account, click the following link to access our online payment system: TouchBase Online Payment System

If you believe you qualify, you may apply for a fee waiver while you are filling out your returning or new student Online Registration. Notification of approval of the fee waiver will be part of annual student fee statements. The total due will reflect the amount deducted based on the fee waiver. For questions regarding approval of fee waivers, please contact (563) 336-7511.

Driver Education is offered by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency in Bettendorf. To learn more about their service and associated costs, visit their page at: http://www.mbaea.org/en/student_programs/driver_education/

Paid Conditional Bussing will no longer be offered in the District.