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Emergency School Closings

Due to Inclement Weather

The District must make one decision that is most appropriate for more than 15,000 students across four communities. We recognize that this decision may not always fit with individual circumstances. Therefore, we support our parents in making the decision that is best for their child on inclement days when school has not been delayed, released early, or cancelled due to weather.

For information on emergency delays, early dismissals and cancellations, tune into major television and radio stations  including KWQC TV-6, WQAD TV-8,  and WHBF TV-4.  Local media websites such as the following will also provide information on closings:




http://www.qctimes.com (closings will scroll across the top of the screen)

If you hear conflicting reports on the media, please contact the Administration Service Center at 445‑5000 so a correction can be made.

Student Care Options 2014

Schools & Programs District-wide:

  • Decisions will be made by a team from the district Administration Service Center and Operations Center.
  • The primary consideration in making decisions will be based on the health and safety of students.
  • Before start of day – Decisions made before the start of day will be made by 5:30 a.m. and communicated through the news media.  All administrative, secretarial, custodial and maintenance employees will report to their buildings as usual, unless otherwise notified.  Instructional staff members, para-educators, and food service employees will not report to work.
  • After start of day – Decisions after the start of the day will be made by approximately 10 a.m. and communicated through calls directly to the schools and through the news media.
  • In some cases, decisions may be made to conduct classes, but not provide school district transportation for students in certain areas.
  • If there is a decision to release school early on a Wednesday, the emergency early dismissal time will be 2 hours before regular dismissal time.  For example, if regular dismissal is 3:00 and Wednesday dismissal is 2:00, then emergency early dismissal is 1:00.

Late Start on Wednesdays / Early Dismissal

  • In the event of a late start on early dismissal Wednesday, early dismissal will be cancelled and school will follow the regular dismissal times.

One or More Schools, But Not District-wide:

  • Before start of day – All efforts will be made to notify students and parents before the scheduled start time.
  • After start of day – All efforts will be made to notify parents as soon as possible.
  • All employees, except co-op employees, will report for duty at their regular hours.

Athletic Events:

  • When district schools are closed due to inclement weather, specified guidelines will be followed by the district director and principal of the involved school for both home and away contests.
  • Home contests – If opponents are unable to travel, attempts will be made to re-schedule.  If opponents are able to travel, the feasibility of playing a contest will be determined.
  • Away contests – If district buses are operating, the contest will be played.  If district buses are not operating, attempts will be made to re-schedule.
  • Practices – If schools are dismissed early, there will be no after-school practice.  If school is delayed, there will be no before-school practice.  If school is cancelled for the day but conditions improve later in the day, a coach could offer an optional practice.

Stepping Stones Before and After-School Programs:

  • If there is a late start, there will be no before-school programs.
  • If district schools are closed or classes are dismissed early, all Stepping Stones after-school programs will be cancelled.
  • If DCSD schools are not closed, but weather conditions develop later in the day, the Development Office will consult with Project Managers, First Student, and current weather reports. Any recommendation to cancel programs will be made to the Superintendent of Schools.
  • Every effort will be made to determine cancellations by 12:00 p.m. followed by announcements to the news media. Every effort will be made to notify parents and staff.