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  • Empowering students to be life-long learners in a caring community while inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

    Principal: Dave Martin
    2827 Jersey Ridge Road
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: (563) 723-6350
    Fax: (563) 445-5969

  • Teacher and Staff Emails

    Teachers & Staff


    David Martin  – martind@davenportschools.org


    Katie O’Malley – omalleyk@davenportschools.org

    Ericka Chavera – chaverae@davenportschools.org

    Katherine Daniel – danielk@davenportschools.org

    Kristine Hansen – hansenkr@davenportschools.org

    First Grade

    Carrie Bealer – bealerc@davenportschools.org

    Colleen Maher – maherc@davenportschools.org

    Elizabeth Swanson – swansone@davenportschools.org

    Katherine Carstens – carstensk@davenportschools.org

    Second Grade

    Jennifer Easton  – eastonj@davenportschools.org

    Lori French  – frenchl@davenportschools.org

    Annalise Westphal – westphala@davenportschools.org

    Third Grade

    Lisa Delzell  – delzelll@davenportschools.org

    Megan Determan – determanm@davenportschools.org

    Melissa Kallenberger  – kallenbergerm@davenportschools.org

    Amy Lyon – lyona@davenportschools.org

    Allison Gray – grayal@davenportschools.org

    Fourth Grade

    Caroline Lampe – lampec@davenportschools.org

    Tina Richter  – richtert@davenportschools.org

    Derry Martinez – martinezd@davenportschools.org

    Fifth Grade

    Amanda Chapman – chapmana@davenportschools.org

    Megan Baldry – baldrym@davenportschools.org

    Jason Specht – spechtj@davenportschools.org

    Special Education

    Monique Gomez – gomezm@davenportschools.org

    James DeCook – decookj@davenportschools.org

    Maria Price – pricem@davenportschools.org

    D/HH Special Education

    Lisa Hayes, K-5  – hayesl@davenportschools.org

    Judy Gipson, AEA Consultant  – JGipson@aea9.k12.ia.us


    Susan Sweeney  – sweeneys@davenportschools.org


    Terry Reiter – reitert@davenportschools.org


    Locadia Gillespie – gillespiel@davenportschools.org

    Kristan Boysel – boyselk@davenportschools.org

    Traci Hensel, Cashier  – henselt@davenportschools.org

    Custodial Staff

    Curtis Waterman  – waterman@davenportschools.org

    Deb Defoe  – defoed@davenportschools.org

    Guidance Counselor

    Dona Rushford  – rushfordd@davenportschools.org

    Instructional Media Center (IMC)

    Jackie Pringle – pringlej@davenportschools.org

    Ed Reagan  –  reagane@davenportschools.org


    Tracy Mathews  – mathewst@davenportschools.org

    Health Office

    Wendy Shaw, Nurse  – shawwe@davenportschools.org

    Deb Dunteman, Health Para  – duntemand@davenportschools.org


    Jen DeSmith, Secretary  – desmithj@davenportschools.org

    Dawn Harris, Office Para – harrisd@davenportschools.org


    Judy Booe  – booej@davenportschools.org

    Physical Education

    Melissa Forari – forarim@davenportschools.org

    AEA Psychologist

    Tangie Crandall – tcrandall@mbaea.org

    Math Coach

    Jamie Kitzman – kitzmanj@davenportschools.org

    Literacy Coach

    Alyssa Schroeder – schroedera@davenportschools.org

    Reading Intervention Specialist

    Mary Rettko  – rettkom@davenportschools.org

    Skills Room Facilitator 

    Wendy Brandt, para  – brandtw@davenportschools.org

    Speech Pathologist

    Sue Wiley – swiley@mbaea.org


    Renee Perrigo – perrigor@davenportschools.org

    Marla Mesa – mmesa@mbaea.org

    Heather Dennis  – hdennis@mbaea.org

    Melinda Hopper – mhopper@mbaea.org

    Jessica Rhodes – jrhodes@mbaea.org

    Para-educator Support Staff

    Derra Adams – adamsde@davenportschools.org

    Sue Burke  – burkes@davenportschools.org