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  • Empowering students to be life-long learners in a caring community while inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

    Principal: Dave Martin
    2827 Jersey Ridge Road
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: (563) 723-6350
    Fax: (563) 445-5969

  • Pickup & Dropoff of Students

    Dear Eisenhower Parents,


    All student drop-off and pick-up will take place in the North parking lot. All bus drop-off and pick-up will take place in the drive in front of the school. The West parking lot (front of the school) will also be staff parking only. Please study the linked map for a visual aid.

    Morning drop-off procedure

    Families will enter the North Parking lot and pull into the right lane. This will be the only lane open in the morning. Please pull as far forward as possible and drop-off as quickly as possible. Please have students prepared to exit the vehicle when you pull up to the school as this will help us make the morning drop-off as efficient and safe as possible. STUDENTS WILL ONLY EXIT FROM THE PASSENGER SIDE OF THE VEHICLE!

    Afternoon pick-up procedure

    In the afternoon, there will be 4 lanes designated for pick-up. When you enter the North parking lot, we want the lane to the left to be filled up first. We want you to pull forward as far as you can and remain in your vehicle. You will then display the laminated family name card on the driver’s dash that we have provided for you. Staff members will be reading those name cards to call your child to the pick-up area. When the left most lane is filled, we want you to begin to fill the lane immediately to the right of that lane. When the dismissal bell rings, all students getting picked up by a parent/guardian will report to the gym and sit silently while they wait to be called to the pick-up area. A staff member will call those students whose parents are in the first lane. Again, have them use the PASSENGER SIDE of your car. Once all of those students are safely boarded, the first row will exit. If a student is not in the gym and you are ready to pick them up, staff will ask you to go to the waiting area (see map). We will use the same boarding procedure to fill and depart all lanes. Once the first lane is cleared we can begin to fill it with overflow vehicles. This new procedure is safe and efficient. We will know exactly who will be picking up students (identified by the laminated name card provided to you), and we should be able to clear the lot in 5 to 7 minutes.

    If for any reason you need to go to the office after school, we ask that you wait until the North lot has been cleared or ask a staff member to let you park in the parent parking area. When picking-up and dropping-off, we ask that you stay in your vehicle as this will allow us to implement this new procedure with accuracy, efficiency, and the highest level of safety.

    Thank you for your cooperation