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Changes in District Phone Numbers 2016-2017

Welcome to a new school year! One of the exciting changes coming to the Davenport Community Schools for the 2016-2017 school year is the district’s move from analog phone lines to a digital system. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is commonly pronounced “voyp”.  It is a communications technology that allows voices to be transmitted over a digital network using the same protocols as the internet.

The primary reasons we are making this change are:

  • We will gain enhanced communication tools for our schools which will include full video teleconferencing within and outside of the district. As an added bonus, there will be new Public Address speakers in the hallways and extending out to the playground areas.  The speakers will meet the new fire alarm codes and allow voice notification in place of an alarm sounding. These are only two of the enhancements over our current system.
  • Even with these additional benefits, the district is still expecting to save approximately $50,000 in 2016-2017 alone over the costs of our analog phone lines.  There will be more savings to come as all of our buildings are switched to this system.

The biggest change our families will notice is that all of our building phone numbers will change. Although you can still use our current building phone numbers for the time being, we’re asking that everyone begin using the new phone numbers as quickly as possible. You can print out or save a list of our 2016-2017 Phone Numbers to get the new school year off to an easy start.