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  • Central High School
    Principal: Jon Flynn
    1120 Main Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: (563) 723-5400
    Fax: (563) 445-5952

  • Lynn Miklik 

    MiklikLynn Miklik is with us from Germany.  Lynn is 16 years old and is registered as a Junior at Central. So far, the American food has been her favorite thing since arriving. When asked if America is what she expected, Miklik answered, “I didn’t think about it a lot because I didn’t want to be disappointed, but it’s great.” She also noted that Central is very similar to the way high school is portrayed in movies. When Miklik isn’t at school, she likes to sing, dance and be with her friends. She is also looking forward making friends at Central and blending with the atmosphere at Central. “I really want to become part of the school body,” she said. “I really want to have friends and be in extracurricular activities where I can meet people and have a good time.” Miklik is looking forward to experiencing everything the U.S. has to offer. “I want to see America and see what it’s like.”

    Interview by Claire Trimble