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  • Sciences


    Chemistry Coach

    This Internet site describes the instructional philosophy and methods of a progressive high school chemistry program. The program is based on student inquiry and experimentation, using lecture only as a last resort.


    This Internet site, maintained for students, contains projects and activities with information designed to help kids understand the techniques scientists use to explore and map objects in deep space and on Earth. From the homepage, visitors can choose from activities, and projects such as (Make Spacey Things), word games and puzzles with space facts (Do Spacey Things).

    Cosmic Evolution


    This Internet site offers background information and resources to help students understand cosmic evolution–the origins of matter and life in our universe. Based on a course taught at Harvard University, this web site addresses how the universe began to how humans evolved, using an interdisciplinary approach among life, Earth, space, and physical sciences.

    The GEEE! in GENOME

    This web site, developed by the Canadian Museum of Nature, explores many aspects of genomics, from the four bases and the scientists who discovered them to the human genome project and the potential cures of genetic diseases using gene therapy. The interactive web site uses Flash-animated games with sound, color photographs with pop-up windows, video clips, opinion polls, and fact boxes to capture the attention of the visitor.


    This World Wide Web (WWW) site, developed for grades K to 12, offers 20 teacher demonstration activities (Whelmers) that are intended to whelm students by sparking their curiosity about science. WHELMERS are designed as a tool to engage students and to draw their attention from the incredibly busy and hurried lifestyle we all experience.


    Chemicool Periodic table and other chemistry information.

    Physics Classroom

    The Physics Classroom is an online interactive tutorial of basic physics concepts. The lessons use an easy-to-understand language to present common physics principles discussed in a first-year high school physics course.