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  • 2019/2020 Iowa High School Press Association Awards

    Congratulations goes out to the 2019-2020 Blackhawk yearbook staff for awards they received in the annual Iowa High School Press Association’s yearbook contest. Our 2020 yearbook went up against other yearbooks from all across the state. We are put in Class C, which means we are up against the biggest schools in the state. Please congratulate the following students on these awards: 

    • 3rd Place for Portrait Design, Freshman Portraits, Gehl Paran and Staff
    • 2nd Place for Opening Divider, Staff
    • Honorable Mention for Closing Spread, Staff
    • 2nd Place for Design (Summer to December Events), Gym Classes Spread, Ciara Presson and Staff
    • Honorable Mention for Feature Photo, Student Life/School Related, “Working at the Car Wash,” Sara Holtam
    • Makenna Verdon for Baby Ads Advertising
    • 1st Place for Infograph/Mod, Trends in a Backpack, Mackenzie Henning, Jessica Hankes, Trinity Brown, Maggie Page Smith
    • 2nd Place for Infograph/Mod, “Hits of the Decade: Bop or Flop?”, Trinity Brown, Maggie Page Smith
    • Honorable Mention for Infograph/Mod, “Chromebooks by the Numbers,” Lesly Mayorga, Staff
    • 2nd Place for Photo Illustration, “Put Your Heads Together,” Brody Thomas
    • 3rd Place for Photo Illustration, “Whisper’s Zootopia,” Mia Jones, Staff
    • Honorable Mention for Photo Illustration, “Lunchtime Superheroes,” Maggie Page Smith, Trinity Brown
    • Honorable Mention for Photo Illustration, “Partners in Crime,” Trinity Brown
    • Honorable Mention for Reader Services, Sara Holtam, Juli Chavez, Staff
    • 2nd Place for Student Life/Out-of-School Related Story, “Drivin’ Me Crazy,” Diamond Davis
    • Honorable Mention for Student Life/Out-of-School Related Story, “Hype Up Your Heritage,” Gehl Paran
    • Honorable Mention for Student Life/Out-of-School Related Story, “Tragic Trends,” Mackenzie Henning, Jessica Hankes
    • Third Place for Theme, “This Is Our House,” Sara Holtam, Juli Chavez, Staff 
    • 5th place in the “Yearbook of the Year” contest for Class C

     This staff finished a yearbook during a global pandemic and while the school was closed for quarantine, so please congratulate them on their hard work!