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  • Central High School
    Principal: Jon Flynn
    1120 Main Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: (563) 723-5400
    Fax: (563) 445-5952

  • 1995-96 Induction Poem

    Making the Water Marks

    For George Duvall, Dr. James R. Marks, Marion Bowman Tonn & Reinhardt G. Tonn, Karl W. Wagner

    Like the Mississippi that’s always working,

    moving sand and sediment downstream,

    making islands, that stretch their long beauty

    for miles, you flowed into our lives,

    drawing water from many

    inland states. This river’s course

    made a runway for your career, starting

    a take-off that soared

    with Pope Paul VI from Rome

    to New York, a flight lifting

    your passengers to trust

    the pilot’s hands. You too knew the spirit

    of water, how it ministers to the soul.

    One baptismal drop fills oceans

    of emptiness with a sprinkle

    of hope. This Navy chaplain healed

    the wounds of servicemen

    with the “Word” over water. Earning a Bronze Star

    was its own word for bravery. You showed

    how dedication to family

    and community marked

    the courage stamped like a seal

    into metal. You nurtured

    three children, rising above

    a disease to effect

    a buoyancy of spirit that awarded you

    Wisconsin’s Polio Mother of the Year

    for 1957.You printed your name on paper

    for years, your company’s logo

    a bond with the best

    graphics. Your business,

    always straight as water marks,

    awarded you the name,

    master printer. This gathering calls

    home master pilots and artists of achievement.