• The Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities
    Davenport Community Schools
    306 W. River Drive, 2nd Floor
    Davenport Iowa 52801
    (563) 723-5350

  • Visual Art Audition Information

    Each candidate will present and discuss their portfolio, participate in an interview, and create either an observational drawing OR a three-dimensional construction during a 30 minute session (the candidate will choose drawing or 3D).

    Students studying visual art at the CAA will work independently and in groups in a wide variety of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and mixed media. We are looking for:

    • A passion for creating, studying, and communicating about visual art work
    • Students who listen and reflect, and are able to accept criticism and incorporate suggestions into their art work when appropriate
    • Students who experiment, take risks, and learn from their setbacks
    • Students who are imaginative and express themselves through their artwork

    What to bring to your audition

    • Bring your portfolio, including photos of any three-dimensional work that is too large to transport.
    • Do not bring your own art supplies. Materials will be provided for you.
    • Be ready to answer the following questions about your portfolio:
      • Which piece do you feel is your best? Why?
      • How would you rank all of your pieces? Why? Explain why your lowest ranking piece is the least successful and what you would change if you could.
      • Which work was the most difficult and why? From which did you learn the most and why?
      • Do you have a favorite type of art to do?  Explain your reasons.
      • Is there a type of art you would like to do but have not yet tried?  What has prevented you from trying this?
      • Were the subjects or themes of all of the art works you submitted selected by a teacher?  If you chose the subject or theme, why did you choose it?  Who do you think should make these decisions and why?
      • What subject or theme would you like to use in a new art work?

    What should be in my portfolio?

    6-8th Grade

    6-8 artworks that best show off your ability, including:

    • Self-portrait (required)
    • Structure or landscape that demonstrates use of perspective (required)
    • Still-life (required)
    • At least 3 out of the following 4:
      • Figure Drawing
      • Free choice
      • Sketchbook (minimum 10 pages)
      • Three-Dimensional piece (photo in plastic folder)

    High School

    9-12 artworks that best show off your ability, including

    • (Required) Self-portrait – Created from observation using a mirror
    • (Required) Structure or landscape that demonstrates use of perspective – can be by observation, fantasy or fiction
    • (Required) Still-life – a drawing of at least a half dozen objects
    • (Required) Full figure drawing – a person standing, seated or reclining
    • (Required) Sketchbook – minimum 10 pages
    • (Required) Four works of your choice these should represent the student’s interests. They could also be a series of work around “theme and variation.” We also encourage the use of a variety of materials.

    Additional pieces may include any other work meeting the following minimum requirements: Artwork must be 8.5” x 11” or larger, and please include the original artwork (not digital images or slides). The exception is that overly large three-dimensional artwork may be presented through photographs. Please avoid lined paper.
    Art work copied from published photographs or other artists’ works, including anime, manga, cartoons, or images of celebrities should not be submitted. All work presented must not be plagiarized in any way.