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  • Theatre Audition Information

    Theatre Audition Information

    Each candidate will perform a monologue and present a design from a play of his/her choice, discuss the performance and presentation, participate in a cold reading exercise, and participate in an interview.

    Theatre Students at the Creative Arts Academy will study all aspects of theatre, including playwriting, directing, improvisation, set design and construction, costume design, lighting and sound, make-up, and stage management. We are looking for students with:

    • A passion for performing and making theatre
    • Willingness to accept suggestions and try new things
    • Overall creativity, imagination, and innovation
    • Ability to work in groups and take direction
    • Ability to accept criticism and integrate feedback
    • Ability to focus, and learn from mistakes
    • Interest in all art forms

    What to bring to your audition

    • Your memorized Make sure it has been well-rehearsed. If you are unsure what a monologue is, please see below for more information on monologues how to find them.
    • Three copies of your monologue for the audition panel.
    • One completed design for the technical component of your audition. Please provide either:
      • A set model for your play.
      • A costume design for your monologue character. Designs may be rendered by hand or digitally.
    • If you chose to perform a sung monologue from a musical or opera, please also bring recorded music as your backing. An accompanist will not be available unless requested prior to auditioning.
    • Be prepared to discuss your monologue of choice. This includes your performance and design choices.
    • Wear clothes that you can move in.

    Need help finding a Monologue to perform? Here are some suggestions:
    What is a monologue?
    A monologue is a speech given by a single character in a story. In theatre, it is the vocalization of a character’s thoughts; in literature, the verbalization. It is traditionally a device used in theatre—a speech to be given on stage—but nowadays, its use extends to film and television.

    *Please avoid uses pieces very famous musicals and movies.*

    Drama Notebook

    Monologue Archive

    Performer Stuff