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  • Students Create Art to Exchange with Students in India


    JIVA Project

    Joint Initiative for Village Advancement


    Creative Arts Academy students involved in the JIVA program will exchange art and ideas with girls at the Education Resource Center in the villages of Morra, Madara and Sakrawas-Rajasthan, India. Students are creating Art and a brief description to exchange with another person who is near their age. This will enable them to build a connection with others through the act of art. Their topic for the first exchange is food. Food is something that is used at celebrations, traditional holidays, and for religious ceremonies; food can bring people and communities together. Students will create a work of art depicting this experience. This outreach is made possible and is supported by the John Deere Foundation and the Figge Art Museum.
    JIVA, which means “livelihood” or “life” in the local dialect, focuses on improving agricultural productivity, bolstering educational opportunities, and building basic infrastructure to improve the quality of life for the villagers in this area. Education has been identified as one of the strongest drivers in improving livelihoods in emerging markets. Ensuring that education reaches all members of a community increases the community’s potential.

    Preliminary drawing by artist Cloey Jones