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  • Slam, Bam, Poetry Jam

    Creative Arts Academy 6th and 8th Grade Heritage students get to try their hands at poetry – with the help of a professional poet and teacher. Sudlow & CAA teacher Natasha Waite met and invited Toney Jackson to work with her Creative Arts classes on their poetry unit.  

    Toney Jackson began performing in the spoken word/‘open mic’ scene he helped to foster at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  Since then, he has been recognized by the Academy of American Poets, won several poetry slams, and been a featured reader, performer, and workshop leader, at schools, theatres, and other venues across the country. Toney hails from New Jersey, where his love of words, learning, sharing, and community involvement led him towards a career in education.  He is currently in his 12th year of teaching at Nellie K. Parker elementary school in his hometown of Hackensack. He is passionate about helping kids enjoy learning, and promoting creative self-expression. He is a dedicated teacher, a life long learner, and is currently writing and illustrating several children’s books.

    Mrs. Waite had her students prepare poetry prior to Toney’s arrival so they could workshop their pieces with him.