• The Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities
    Davenport Community Schools
    306 W. River Drive, 2nd Floor
    Davenport Iowa 52801
    (563) 723-5350

  • Our Mission

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    The mission of the Davenport Community School District is to enhance each student’s abilities by providing a quality education enriched by our diverse community

    The mission of the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities is to infuse student learning with creativity and innovation applied through a career-oriented arts foundation that prepares students for a global marketplace…

    The Creative Arts Academy is a public magnet school that provides arts integrated education to arts-inclined students, regardless of gender, race, economic status, or orientation. Our school also does not turn away students based on their success in other areas of education; we firmly believe that we can provide all students with an individualized education that can pull out each student’s strengths and use them to help them succeed in all subject areas.  We aim to address the needs of students not only in Davenport Community Schools, but also students in the greater Quad Cities area whose talents and desired career paths require an arts-based foundation and education that may not be available in the average class setting.

    Our program is unique for at least several hours of driving, with the nearest being in Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, St. Louis, MO, and Denver, CO.  Our school fills a need regionally, and we aim to be a model for schools like ours starting in smaller metropolitan areas like the Quad Cities.

    We strive to connect our students even more deeply to the Davenport and Quad Cities area businesses to highlight all the opportunities our city has to offer and to attract the interest of others.  Currently, our students spend a lot of time at some of our partner sites, such as the Figge Art Museum, the River Music Experience, the Adler River Center, and Eastern Iowa Community College, with plenty of opportunities throughout the year to connect with other area artists and businesses through workshops and collaborations.  This depth of collaboration to support students engenders the next generation of artists and art supporters of our partners and community.