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  • Heritage 6th Graders Share Culture With Pen Pals

    Creative Arts Academy 6th graders are excited about their latest study into different cultures!  They have been communicating with Pen Pals from Ireland to learn about how those students live compared to the way they live.  Mrs. Waite, Heritage teacher, set up this connection in their Heritage class and noted excitement from the students as they read their first letters. A few students shared their thoughts about the project:

    “I think this is a good thing to do because we are communicating with people outside of our community that we normally wouldn’t talk to.  My pen pal told me that he enjoys playing sports.” -Sofia Terrell

    “I think this is interesting because I am meeting someone from another country and am able to learn about their culture and what they like. My pen pal told me that her favorite food is Chinese which is also my favorite!” -Kyle Laake

    “I’m excited to get to know someone from somewhere far.  It will be great to know how things are in Ireland. My pen pal told me that football, called Gaelic, is much different there than it is in America.” -Gracie Richards


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