• The Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities
    Davenport Community Schools
    306 W. River Drive, 2nd Floor
    Davenport Iowa 52801
    (563) 723-5350

  • Dance Auditions

    Dance Audition Information

    Each candidate will perform a solo, discuss the performance, learn a dance combination, and participate in an interview.

    At the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities, we will be educating students emphasizing individual growth. During your audition, we will be looking for students who:

    • Enthusiastically embrace instruction
    • Are determined, dedicated and driven to succeed
    • Are open to constructive criticism
    • Are willing to be risk takers in developing creativity
    • Exhibit a natural sense of movement and musicality

    What to bring to your audition

    • If you have not yet turned it in, the current year physical form, giving medical clearance from a doctor to participate in the audition.
    • Bring music to accompany your solo performance
    • Wear clothes that permit the freedom of movement (dance shoes are optional). (For girls, this may be a leotard and footless tights; for boys, this may be a white t-shirt and dance/sweat pants… be prepared to dance bare-footed!)
      • Please secure hair away from the face and refrain from wearing jewelry or chewing gum.
    • Bring a positive attitude and lots of energy!
    • Be prepared to discuss the following about your solo:
      • Who choreographed your solo?
      • Would you change anything about the piece, and, if so, what would you change?
      • Is this your strongest dance genre? In what other genres do you dance?
      • What kind of music is this? Did you (or your choreographer) choose the music or style first?
      • What kind of music inspires you?
      • What kind of costume and/or set would complement the piece?
      • What kind of narrative is/might be taking place in the piece?